Cubase 13 (Pro) - Disk Cache! Really? M2_SSD!

For the first time ever since I am running Cubase on a decent DAW System (PC), even with spinning disks, I saw today the performance indicator for “Disk Cache” loading up almost to max! And hey, I have super fast M2_SSDs only today! What’s that? I run the demo project by “Austion Hull” which did not really stress my CPU (going to almost 2-3% / ASIO Guard less than 25%) but every now and then the “Disk Cache” loaded up! How can that be? Again, never saw disk load indicator to even show the slightes activity with my systems since ever.
Anyone? Maybe someone dares to playback the demo and check the Audio Performance? Thanks a lot!

Noone tried the demo song and was observing the same? :innocent:

I just openend a super light project after installing a brand new MacBook Pro M1 with Cubase 13. Getting the Disk Cache spike too. Crazy.

Read the Gear Space thread about Cubase 13 performance issues. Very concerning to notice that more people have it and that it’s happing now with very light projects too.

Gonna try some bigger projects later this week. If the problem occurs in other projects too I might be jumping to a different daw…after working with Cubase for well over 20 years. Not looking forward to that.

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If it is only with this demo project, I don’t care, but wondering what’s causing it? Halion Sonic? Groove Agent? Not at my DAW now, I will check by looking into each track type. If it is simply caused by loading audio files I am shocked and needs to be reported to Steinberg too!