Cubase 13 pro hub knobs mouseover errors

Bottom right of the hub has 3 knobs: Open other, Create Empty… and Quit Cubase. After 13.0.20 upgrade when moving the mouse cursor over these buttons the button texts switch semi randomly to Create Empty…
Also when hovering over the items above the 3 knobs and over the 3 knobs the items and knobs take eachothers labels. For example: the space where the Quit Cubase knob was turns into “Project Folder: Untitled.” Use default location turns into “Open Other”. Is this a known bug?


I don’t experience this issue and I haven’t read someone would report this behaviour here on the forum.

Are you on Mac or Windows? What graphic card do you use? Is the driver up to date? Do you use built-in screen or an external monitor? Do you use HiDPI?

I’m on Windows 11

|Processor|AMD Ryzen 7 6800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz|
|Installed RAM-memory|16,0 GB |
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU
Drivers are up to date
HiDPI: don’t think I use that.
This is a 17" ASUS ROG Strix G17 G713RM-KH011W, 1 year old.

I can make a screencast if you like.


Yes, please.

Allright, I got it. Where can I send it?


Attach it here to your post, please.

Sorry, I can’t upload it in this post, it is 20MB. Too large for email as well I’m afraid. Do you have an e-mail address where I can wetransfer it to?


You can share the link to the WeTransfer here or use a similar service.

Ok here it is WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
Let me know what you think of it.


I have never seen this issue. But to me, it looks similar to these graphic issues.


Please, try to follow this article.

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Thanks Martin,

I don’t think the issues I have occasionally noticed since the 13.0.20 upgrade and never before are similar to the ones you point to in your previous post. In my case they only occurred in the hub. They may be related though, as both are screen rendering issues. I think the optimizing tips for NVIDIA are advisable anyhow, so I applied them. I will post updates here if I see other issues. Meanwhile I understand Steinberg is aware of these glitches and is working on a fix.

I watched your video and will chime in as I have the exact same issues …and have since release date… and still have with .20 or wherever we currently are.

I’ll begin by saying…with all due respect to Martin…who up until recently I thought works for Steinberg…that "steps’ link he often posts are steps that…do…not…work :slight_smile: At least…they don’t solve the issue for everyone…which includes me.

At any rate, I bought Cubase 13 Pro and Nuendo 13 Pro the day of release of each.

The glitches your video illustrate are same for me…and the same glitches happen within cb13 in the project window as well when I hover near the record-arm button etc…as well as other places.

I use windows 11 pro 23h2, alternate between the integrated Intel graphic card…or…the nvidia 2070 gpu…with and without Martin’s link…with/without other Steinberg workaround suggestion links…and so on.

Glitch remains.

Cubase 12 Pro and Nuendo Pro 12…both flawless.

Now…here’s where it gets strange…

Nuendo 13 Pro…does…not…glitch. At all. Whether I use internal graphics or the nvidia card. Whether I use stock nvidia drivers or nvidia studio drivers.

Nuendo 13 has the same general “build” date as Cubase 13.

I keep waiting for Nuendo to glitch on me…nada. I start Cb13 up…immediate glitches. Weird. Go figure.

Summing up…my Cubase 13 glitches exactly like your video…so…you’re not alone.

There are definitely some pesky gremlins in the code that are affecting a percentage of windows 11 machines.

I’m sure Steinberg will sort it out over time.

In the meantime, I’m just doing everything on Nuendo 13.

If your machine sorts out, be sure to post.

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I posted the screencast on youtube for eveyone to see.

New issue found, related. When I resize a Halion 7 or Groove Agent 5 window, it starts flickering all over. My screencaster won’t record this, maybe because they are modal windows. Believe me it ie weird.
When I close the Halion of GA window and open it again it is stable.

The issue is much worse on the extra monitor connected to my laptoip. On the laptop screen it is pretty stable, even when the window is flickering on the second screen and I move it to the laptop screen.

I found the flickering in the VST instrument surfaces after resizing don’t occur when the Always on top setting is off.

This applies only to resizing. I found that while clicking an instrument pad in Instrument edit mode in Groove Agent 5, the interface goes flickering and produces rendering errors.


It doesn’t seem to happen when the VSTi window is maximized.

In another post I found a workaround that seems to work for me too. Since I applied this fix (which has one important difference with the one mentioned by @Martin.Jirsak in this article) I haven’t seen any graphical errors anymore.

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