Cubase 13 Pro - title bar and menu bar split up again?


on a Windows 10 system the title bar and menu bar in Cubase 12 Pro (and some older versions) shared the same bar. Now in 13 Pro they are split up again like in much older versions. Is that just on my system? (12 Pro remains as it should.)

click on the cubase icon (top left ) > choose hide

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Unfortunately the cubase icon menu just let me hide the menu bar not the title bar.
As mentioned 10, 11 and 12 had one bar with title and menu on it. Can’t be a bug since any beta tester would’ve noticed, …or they don’t care.


That is correct an works as expected. We are now using the official menu mechanism of Windows.



Many thanks for your response.

That unused whole lot of space is a real pity. Cubase 10, 11 and 12 just did fine. I hope the one bar solution will come back asap. It isn’t nice to loose a very good feature.

I don’t know if it’s possible to integrate into Cubase and its whole windows behavior but in other software like internet browser there’s the F11 key to make the title bar and even task bar dissappear.

In Cubase 13’s Key-Editor the new advanced solo feature on top of other new features is stellar. But the wasted space on those “added” title bars in project window and Key-Editor kind of hurt my soul.

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I must say, that windows management has improved significantly in C13, most noticeably while working with video., which is great!

However, this additional title bar does feel like wasted space. And of the two, menu is the one that you don’t want to be hiding to get that space back. Probably not an easy solution to this problem, though. Cheers.

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To hide the menu bar is mysterious to me. But I’ll have a look if this can be toggled with a keyboard shortcut as a workaround.

When Microsoft added the option to hide the menu bar of a program why not the title bar as well(?).

Autohotkey to the rescue :o)
Use this script to hide and unhide the title bar.

Now we don’t have to “Alt” click the title bar every time we want the menu. We can have just the menu and no title bar. Or no title bar and no menu bar at the same time and keep using “Alt” click to show just the menu bar.


Yeehaaa! That does the trick, you are the man, thank you so much!

Now on Windows start I have to run that script and hit the shortcut on any Cubase window (project, mixer, key-editor…). If I switch between the windows with [ALT]+[TAB] any window remains without the title bar.
This is awesome. I’m in heaven.

Hi @Armand,

This decision is pretty terrible one, actually…
It wastes vertical space which can be used for the project. I really liked the previous state and asked to be applied in Dorico, too.
The official Windows mechanism isn’t good, and I wouldn’t recommend to be followed.
If someone at Microsoft makes stupid decisions, it doesn’t mean that someone at Steinberg should follow them, right?!
The one in Cubase 12 is far more efficient and nicer, so, I would be very thankful if you bring it back! :slight_smile:

Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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Even better, so you don’t have to be bothered with remembering to start the autohotkey script that you made, make a short cut for it and put that in your startup folder. Then the script will start automatically when you boot up :o)

Just in case, the startup folder is located at -You/App data/roaming/Microsoft/Windows/
Start Menu/Programs/Startup


That’s great! Thank you!
Do you have also a script for hiding the taskbar?

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Found this for the taskbar but haven’t tried it.

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Auto-hide the taskbar within windows taskbar settings, I guess you are on Mac?

Great, works like a charme, many thanks again.