Cubase 13 pro Unstable...again

Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.12.3 (3.1 MB)
Unstable again. This has happened a few times as well as other random crashes.
I tried to “save my project under a new name” like the pop up stated but as soon as i clicked “ok” Cubase just instantly vanished off my screen.
I had so many problems with Cubase 12 pro so i upgraded to 13 pro in hopes of a better experience and its just as broken.
This is a nightmare.

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Oh and this just popped its head up…AGAIN! losing my patience just a tad.

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Yes, confirm I am seeing this a lot with 13 running on Windows 10. Never had any such issues with 12 - very irritating

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To get around the “No valid license found” alert i have to restart my PC which is realy annoying and still unknown to me just why its happening…
Iam also running Windows 10.
As far as the “A serious problem” alert and instant shut down after clicking “ok” i have no idea what so ever. I posted the DMP file and im now waiting for a response from steinberg.

Curious. Have you tried opening the Activation Manager - whether you think you need to or not - and then, after it stops cycling for a connection to Steinberg (noted by the circle of dots disappearing at the bottom of the app), closed the app and then opening C13? If you do this, I think the small window notification you are experiencing will stop.

I could be wrong, but I think there is a validation process that the Activation Manager is performing from time to time. A somewhat ‘hidden’ check process that confirms you are using a purchased product. In my case, when I see that notice the first time (and it does pop up occasionally), I can typically use C13 at that time. However, rather than experiencing this again, I open the Activation Manager and let it send a message (?) to Steinberg and then all is good until I see the small window notification again.

I’ve actually wondered if those who are not online are experiencing deeper problems than me. Are any of you offline 24/7?

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I am asking the team today about your “no valid license” issue. Thanks for your report.

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@AdamMassacre I have had a look at your crash. It is already known to us and should be hopefully fixed in C13.0.20 if everything goes well.


Right in the middle of a damn project and it just shut down AGAIN!!! this is BEYOND infuriating…absolute anger at this point and STILL no reason for any of it happening.
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.12.11 (2.0 MB)
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.12.11 (1.6 MB)
Cubase just vanished from my screen without warning just instant shutdown no shutting down sequence just GONE!
HOW can i work like this??
:rage: :angry: :rage:

Did you miss Armand’s last reply that they know about it and it should be fixed in the upcoming maintenance update?

What more do you want them to say?

So i just accept the fact ive payed for a poopies unstable DAW and just accept the fact it will crash at any point for any reason untill an update will randomly appear at what ever date…i have work that needs to be completed and i cant get it done with the current situation.
i cant rely on a “should be hopefully fixed in C13.0.20” with no idea when it will arrive…this is insane.

I’d be surpised if the maintenance update wasn’t this week.

I understand - I am getting similar crashes in Nuendo and audio post is my job so I rely on this software every day. The fact they have responded saying they know about it and the fix should hopefully be in the update is great and we don’t always get that acknowledgement with other bugs.

Good luck

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I heard It was schedule to be there before the end of the year normally

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You seem to be a person having all the bad luck with every version of Cubase , you had constant issues with C12 and now C13 , maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper into your setup for possible solutions

Apologies for getting angry im just getting frustrated.

I upgraded from 12 because i was told 13 works better after other users had the same issues as me. In 13 i dont have the issues i had in 12 i have new different issues the same issues a lot of other users of 13 are experiencing. My setup works fine with everything else even another DAW i have installed there is no issue whatsoever only in Cubase am i having these issues.

Then if you are having constant issues and Cubase becomes unusable then something on your system is aggravating Cubase ,it can’t be anything else , we all download the same code

Well then why do steinberg know about these issues? Why are they releasing an update? That tells me there IS an issue and many other users are having the same issues.

I also get Cubase 13 crashing, if its twice in quick succession, i get the licensing error. I go into task manager, close the Steinberg Licensing process along with the media bay (running processes further down the list), then try Cubase again, and its fine, at least until the next crash. Restarting the PC will have the same effect of course.
Too often, it just hangs rather than crash (not responding), most likely a plugin causing it, the key ones i use are all the very latest versions and creating a dump file normally shows Cubase as the culprit which is frustrating.
V13 has been more stable than v12 for me, but still more work for Steinberg to do.
Customer service is terrible, they take too long to respond and usually rubish responses, i avoid getting in touch for that reason, imagine running a pro studio and having to put up with this sort of thing! :thinking::roll_eyes:

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Im not saying there isn’t issues im saying YOUR system seems to be picking up ALL the issues where other systems run OKish which means somethings aggravating your Cubase

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Please try again with version C13.0.20 and inform us about the results.

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