Cubase 13 Pro - W10 - Display Issue with MiXConsole

Actually doing a quick check with Cubase 13 and I wanted to take a look at the new MixConsole. I opened it via F3 and all I am seeing is the meters but nothing else. I checked if I the other areas are activated and they are. but even if I reset, untick/tick, it stays the same, it’s only showing the meters! Annoying! Anyone?
Haven’t reset the prefs, I have Cubase 11 Pro in parallel installed, Cubase 13 though should come with it’s own prefs after a fresh install?
Update: renamed the Cubase 13 prefs folder, no change, screenshot

MixConsole Configuration:




Open Windows > Window. Select the MixConsole window and click the Reset Layout button, please.

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Hi Martin, done that but did not change a thing. FYI: MixConsoles 2-4 are just fine and there I can also change the configuration with no issues. On my system it is only affecting the (main) MixConsole (1) yet.


There are several threads reporting this problem. It affects different mix consoles, but always the same problem - no tracks appearing. In my case it was #2, the other 3 work as expected.

I have the same problem, no track appearing, the mixconsole is all black. Cubase 13 on Windows 10.

Reset doesn’t work any more. The main mixconsole F3 is all black, Cubase 13 on Windows 10

Yep, this is not working here either. Bummer. Hope they fix this one soon, as it is pretty major

hello, same problem here with MixConsole. I work on 2 screens, in Cubase Artist 12 my project window was on screen one and the mix console with the faders on screen 2. I just upgraded to Artist 13 and now I only see a full screen with nothing but meter bridges on screen 2. I clicked (on screen 1) on the Open Lower section button and there I can see the mix console with the faders. There is an arrow in the upper right corner of that mix console window which indicates that the mix console can be moved to screen 2, but that doesn’t work, the meter-bridges-only window stays on screen 2 and no changes can be applied to it (option windows such as ‘racks’ are not shown either). It’s back to 12 for me for the time being, seems that 13 is an unlucky number for starters.

Same problem for me. For me Mixconsole 4 is not displaying tracks.

Windows 11 32 gig ram I7 13700k

What I ended up doing for the moment is that I select the mixer console that does work, (different for everybody, but there are 4) and make the one that works the new “default” by changing the key commands so that it opens instead.

(For example, I have problem with the main one which is opened with F3. I changed it so that the second mixer console opens instead with the same command.) If you are only using one console this works fine since they are identical by default. Whatever mixer consoles you’ll leave up, will open the next time you start cubase, and it will seem like all is working as usual if you go with the above method.

Worse if you need several ones.


I do the same, a good solution for the moment. Thanks

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Here is my solution, provided by Steinberg Support via support Ticket, maybe it was already mentioned somewhere, sharing anyways in this threat:
If you have any Cubase default settings folder of a previous version (can’t tell until which older version it may affect Cubase 13, in my case it was Cubase 11) in the path %appdata%/Steinberg, rename Cubase 13_64 and this/all folders (for restoring older versions personal preferences later). Then start Cubase 13 first! It will create the a new Cubase 13_64 folder. Mix Consoles should be ok! Then rename the folders of the previous versions back to their original name. In any older version you have still installed, the prefeferences should be restored. In new Cubase 13 you are certainly back to the factory default and may have to import step by step. Steinberg may come with a general fix, who knows when? If one would know which config file in the folder is affecting the MixConsoles, perhaps it is sufficient to only rename this file in the previous version folders and then let Cubase 13 create on first launch its own one and rename the file back to original. This might migrate other prefs into Cubase 13…


Yes, Cubase is merging the preferences from 2 major versions back. So Cubase 12 and 11 preferences are merged into Cubase 13. Therefore they have to be renamed.

I discovered this “fix”. But in my case, as soon as I open a C12 project, back comes the problem. I’ve found it’s definitely a C12 problem, because earlier projects of mine open just fine, all mix consoles as they should be. [edit: I’m talking projects from 7-10 years ago.]
I could work with this, I only used to use 3 of them at the most, usually just 2. With the new inspector panel, I would use mostly just the one. However… The numerous display glitches are a serious problem for me. Sometimes whole windows are just blank, no menus, no toolbars, no nothing, and that includes the project window.
Uninstalled and sticking with C12 for the foreseeable future.
As always, ymmv.

So I had this issue as well. I got 13 and was just testing things to see what the buttons did and if they behaved the same as Cubase 12. Moved the widen the columns button and it wouldn’t reduce past 12 so the channels were 2"s wide. Went to bed.
This morning I fiddled again and entered values in the column width box with my mouse. Every value below 12 would immediately jump back to 12. I then entered 22 and for whatever reason the tracks in the MixConsole jumped back to their proper size and all the functions had closed up and the EQ and Strip that I had removed in the configuration checklist were showing again. I deselected them again and response was normal. No idea why this would work but it did for me and I will await the fix to this.

you can use C12 Projects, if you activate the Channel Racks Checkbox in the Mix Console Config. The reason is: C12 have 2 Subwiindows for Racks and Faders, C13 only one.

there is no need to delete the whole configuration.
It is enough, to delete the entrys for mixer 1, mixer 2, mixer3 and mixer 4 in the file defaults.xml in the preference directory.
On the Mac it is in %userlib%/Preferences/Cubase13/