Cubase 13 Render in Place with VSTi -> automation bug

Hi everyone,
I’ve come across a bug, maybe someone can confirm it. If I do a Render in Place from a VSTi with multiple outputs (e.g. Groove Agent) and select “Dry (transfer Channel Settings)”, Cubase keeps all inserts on the different outputs (as it should), but only the automation data of the main output is kept (and then copied to all other outputs), which is quite nonsense.
Here again as a screenshot for clarification:

Can someone confirm this behavior?

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rendering in place for instruments with multiple outputs in my opinion is “thought out” badly… I think it concerns the discussion I had some time ago, which I invite you to read


thank you, yes it’s an annoying behavior that it renders the empty channels as empty audiofiles but I personally could work with that. But the automation data transfer is clearly broken, isn’t it?

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Yes, i just came upon this behaviour. When doing RIP with Dry settings it copies the automation from the main outs to the others. Very strange.

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