Cubase 13 so far (after only a few hours of usage)

Hi all!
After an initial excitement for the new version, and the money spent on day 1 for the update, I feel a little disappointed to see how many issues I’m finding with Cubase 13. It is sad especially for a guy like me, who usually purchases updates as soon as they are out (now, there are two school of thoughts about switching too fast towards a new update, I know, but I just believe that updates are actually always welcome).

Here’s a list, and I’m wondering if you guys experienced something like that, too:

  • Sometimes there’s a dark background when you pass over any button or element of a track with your mouse.

  • When I scroll or move horizontally/vertically in the editor (midi or project doesn’t matter) I see some white flashes on the screen.

  • When modifying something (CCs, notes) or I select an area with the mouse, some menus or items become blank, and I have to pass over with the mouse to just “paint” with all the info they are supposed to show.

  • It’s not possible to use the mouse wheel to rapidly scroll and change midi channels directly on the midi track.

  • Sometimes copy/paste of CC parameters across midi regions of different tracks doesn’t work.

  • If you have a ruler track on top of everything else, you can’t insert bar with “process bars” function…(the weirdest, probably).

  • When you copy/paste CC64 sustain on/off values, you don’t copy and paste two values, but Cubase adds a third value before yours, for example: if you copy/paste the series of values “0” and “127”, that’s pedal off/on, you get a “127-0-127” value series. (that happens with both curve types “step” or “ramp/curve”)

  • “Remove from pool” doesn’t, at least when stuff is in the trash.

  • Video playback will flicker randomly and you have to start the playback from another point.

Cubase 13 got out a few days ago, and to me this list is already too big…And my Windows11 has been working as smoothly as possible with Cubase 12.0.70.




As most of your issues are graphical meaner, make sure, your graphic card driver is up to date, please. Which graphic card do you use, please?

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I have similar whacky cb13 pro graphical issues on win11 pro 23H2.

Click to record arm a track, click a second time, the red square arm button info moves sideways, third click, the entire square fills with partials of other buttons. Other weird gui things as well when I move the mouse around.

Happens no matter if I’m using the built-in intel graphic chip or switching to use the nvidia. Drivers are up to date.

Clean windows 11 install, i7-9750h rtx 2070 32gb ram. Complete intel-based laptop.

Cb 12.0.70 is fine on the same system, no glitches, regardless of when I stay on the internal graphics or switch to the 2070. Same with Nuendo 12.

I haven’t experimented with installing 13 on my other systems yet.

By the way, I like the new look! I’ll stay on 12 until 13 gets sorted out but you Steinberg guys do deserve more thank-yous for the work you do :slight_smile:

Sure, I suspect by around this time next year we may see a stable, ready to run Cubase 13. I think it is going to take more than one, two, or maybe even three patches to iron everything, esp the graphical issues, out.

I too have seen the odd graphical elements ‘warp’ into view under my cursor in the arranger view. I too did not have any of these graphical issues described while in Cubase 12.

So I think the solution is to go back to C12 and let C13 gel a bit more.

Yeah that’s great a good point, I have an RX6600, just updated though, and still the same issues. I’m on Windows 11 (build 22631), by the way, and Cubase is version 13.0.10

Steinberg, please do a hot fix on this Scroll Wheel on Midi Channel configuration, it’s a night and day difference on the workflow. This already happened before in previous releases this scroll whell thing was not working as expected. I really really ask you to do a quick hot fix on it. Everything else could wait. Graphics have minor weird lines here in some parts but not interfere in workflow. (graphic card already updated)
wanna scroll please

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Totally agree with you @RenanB

Ok, here’s another one:
copying a CC value (like a single point of CC11, for example) and pasting somewhere else in the timeline, either on the same CC lane or another CC won’t work!!!
If I copy two values, I get three of them when pasting (first one is doubled), if I copy a single value, it won’t paste anything at all.

Even copying/pasting is messed up in Cubase13…so sad for this.
Could it be the bad luck of the number itself?:sweat_smile:


This is a known and already reported issue. Want the issue present in Cubase 12 shady by any chance?

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Not sure I’m following…

And also, I have a shortcut for exporting the mixdown, but it doesn’t work anymore, unless you populate the export queue with at least one job. So before this, I used to hit “E” for opening the export panel, and right after that, I would hit “Shif+E” to start exporting on the fly. This is not possible anymore on Cubase 13, you have to create at least one task on the export queue, otherwise the export just doesn’t start (the export window will close “weirdly”, I mean flickering a bit, which tells me this is another bug)

Oh sure! Now I read it!
And in my experience, I never had that issue with C12.

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Steinberg should be giving out gift cards to you people. Me, I install a new version - and if it captures the drums when I press the asterisk key, I’m good :joy:

Problem with Cubase 13 Pro

I just bought Cubase 13 Pro and is the worst thing have done. Is hard to believe how this company decided to release a product with so many Boggs as a Cubase 13 Pro: As Andreaab88’s list concluded how bad this product is. In my case, I have spent so many hours trying to record my first project unsuccessful. I installed Cubase 13 Pro on a new Mac Studio with 64 GB RAM 1TB Storage and I am using Scarlett 18I8 3rd Gen Interface and have the following problems:

  1. Unable to record Audio

  2. If I record Audio and five minutes later it will not record at all even after going through all the setup and configuration.

  3. Unable to use the mouse wheel to scroll.

  4. Sometime Cubase will freezes

  5. Currently I am unable to record Audio at all

I had the opportunity to try GarageBand with same setup and configuration everything worked smoothly. What that tells you?

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Have you ever experienced something like that with C12 or any previous version?


Could you be more specific, please?

Is the input setup correctly? Can you hear the signal while monitoring? What happens, if you hit Record?

Thank you for your question.
I have setup my sound interface with following configuration:

  • In my Audio setup, I have selected my Scarlett 18I8 as my ASIO
  • In my Audio Connection, I added Bus as Mono and named it Guitar & selected Scarlett 18I8 as my Input
  • Same connection for the Output.
    Sometime it works sometime it does not working at all.


Are you in Mac or Windows?

What exactly happens, if it’s not working, please?

I am using MAC Studio with 64 GB RAM with 1TB SSD drive
In track list I activated monitor and connected my guitar to the input 1 in Scarlett 18I8 then click Record Enable. Also, set loop on; however it will not record it only shows a line across the loop.


That means the signal doesn’t come to the track.

Are you sure, the guitar is connected to Input 1? Do you enable the Hi-Z on the Input 1?

Btw: Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.