Cubase 5.5.2/ Rewire REASON 5 PROBLEMS !!!

Hi all!
i have a motu 828 mk3 firewire, cubase 5.5.2 and Reason 5.0.1 running on OS X 10.6.6 (yet tryed to run on both 32 and 64 bit kernels boot mode,…and nothing changes, however there is my problem).
When i running Reason 5 in rewire mode…on Cubase i have ever and ever the same problems i had on windows xp and windows 7 64bit : HI LATENCY !!! In short:
if i try to play , on a cubase midi track, an reason instrument…there is a annoying latecy …even if my motu 828 mk3 is set to 192 samples (almost 5ms I/O latency). It’s strange…sometime it happens even on other VST (if there is Reason connected in rewire mode). I tryied to play the same reason instrument but in stand alone mode and… that damned latency disappears!!! Tryied yet to switch all midi imput on reason and on cubase …nothing happens! I use a M-audio Radium 49 USB as masterkeyboard. On Cubase, without rewire, it’s all right ( as in Reason standalone).
Do you think this is a “rewire file” problem, a Reason rewire problem… or a Cubase rewire mode problem?
Someone can help me?
Thanks in advance!

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Try Constrain Delay Compensation, it’s at the top left of the Project Window. The issue is Cubase automatically applies DC to internal instruments but not to external.


Thank you very much ! :mrgreen:
11 years on cubase …but sometime i feel myself really like a noob :open_mouth:

I must re-open this thread! Seems i solved about compesation button but now i have noticed 2 problems:

1/ Reason 5.0 ( or 5.0.1) can’t be opened. A message tell me “to check my rewire host” or " reason engine is already in use" . So…reason dont’ work… no more! :frowning:

2/ After update Cubase to 5.5.2 i noticed all “Roomwork SE” presets disappeared! :confused:

Tryied yet to complete remove and reinstall again both Reason and cubase ( about question n.1) but nothing happnes!
I have noticed on Cubase 5.0 all “Roomwork SE” presets works fine but on 5.5.2 don’t !!
Someone have a suggestion?

  1. You may need to replace the Rewire .dll or trash Prefs.

  2. There’s a Knowledge Base article that tells you how to fix the missing preset thing.

Thanks for your support! Ok about question 2 (i’ll find it)…
but about question 1 what do you mean? Can you explain me ?
I’m newbe on mac osx and for now i dont know where is located rewire file (to be replaced with ? ) or Prefs file to trash!

On your trip to the Knowledge Base look up Rewire and Re-initializing Cubase Prefs. :wink:

Ok, i haven’t found the article (about rewire and cubase preferences) you suggested me in the knowledge base but…
simply i searched for “rewire” in the osx spotlight, found two “alias” in library /application support. I noticed there are 2 folder called “rewire” also in propellerhead/reason and in steinberg/cubase . Rewire folder in cubase was empty, so i made copy and paste all files from propellerhead folder to steinberg folder! After this i re-initialized all cubase preferences. Thank you mashedmitten, now reason seems work fine :smiley: !!
I hope to made it right!
Now it’s time to discover where are all Roomwork-SE presets! :ugeek:

Could have sworn it was in the Knowledge Base. :confused:

A search of Roomeworks Presets brought this right up, though.

oh , many many thanks! :slight_smile:

On Mac OS X it need to do so:
Go to Finder/Applications/Cubase/show package contain/ content/vst3 preset/steinberg media tecnology/RoomWorks SE,
to rename folder need to have admin privileges about read and write (check the padlock on left bottom). If it don’t work …no problem ,copy and paste folder on desktop (it need admin password) /get info of folder (cmd+i) / change privileges in read and write (check the padlock on left bottom)/rename folder ( close the padlock on left bottom);
trash original folder ( need admin password); copy and paste new renamed folder from desktop to previous original location ( it need again admin password) ; repair disk permissions! :ugeek:
DONE! :smiley: :mrgreen:

Do you guys have a workaround for this in the fabulous Windows XP version??? :laughing: