cubase 5.5.2 still unstable, so why go to 6???

I’ve been using Cubase for more than 20 years, starting with Cubase 1.0 on an Atari ST520. Always been updating my hardware and software along the way.
At the moment using version 5.5.2 but imho, this is the most unreliable version so far. It seems that Steinberg comes up with new versions every once in while with new features but also becomes more and more slow and unstable. As the operating systems became more and more rocksteady, we can not blame this anymore.
Compared with SX3, wish I never upgraded. 5 takes ages to start up, crashes often and takes even longer to close, if it ever closes. Tried other pc’s, so quite sure this is a software issue. Never had so many corrupt projects because of a crash! Not to mention the valueable time lost doing work again because data could not be recovered!
So, can not really convince myself to spend again more money (this grace period of 1 month really is a joke) to upgrade again to something with new flaws and defects with still my good old SX3 available. Even more, 6 forces me to switch to Windows 7 which maybe will not support my old 32bit plugins and instruments.
Progress, at what cost?

Using C6 on Vista Home Basic WTF (and yes, I do use it for a living) and I’m not experiencing any more problems than I had with 5.5.2 and that was very useable for me

strange …
the general consensus so far seem to be that C5.5.2 was reasonably stable and C6>C5.
For me 5.5.2 was rock solid on one old and one new computer, and C6 is maybe even better?
maybe it’s because it’s a newer installation?
too bad won’t work out for you! :frowning:
But I very much doubt it’s the software?

If you can´t convince yourself to upgrade - simply don´t upgrade… Most people here are probably not even interested in knowing why, apart from that it´s obviously the same reasons like in all those other “why upgrade?” posts - gets boring…
Obviously something isn´t working for you, that is for others, for whatever reasons…

hi steve

i felt the same, been a long time user of cubase and never upgraded from sx3 to c5 till 1 week before c6 so managed to get the upgrade to c6 at grace period upgrade , had the worries of" will it or won’t it" run on xp ,and yes sx3 was very stable that is why i never upgraded ,but i tell you this much for an unsupported os xp is doing very well indeed ,no issues with c6 at all apart from the little bug of xml’s ,
so if you are looking for the new features of c6 it is more stable than 5.5 cause even in that 1 week i had issues with it ,but i haven’t with c6 so its up to you if your willing to take the risk and use xp or vista with c6 untill you decide one day to upgrade to 7


another XP whine it would seem

looks that way !

What do you mean with whine?

I don’t have C6 yet (waiting for the delivery this coming week), but the only reason why I felt comfortable enough to buy it now was because C5.5.2 has been extremely stable for me, and it seemed like Steinberg really did well with it. I am taking a leap of faith with C6 that their quality control has been working well lately. (And I want to use all thsoe new features!) As for C5.5, I’ve had grueling 15-hour sessions with 100-track, 2-hour long projects with huge numbers of plugins, running without a single hiccup. If anything, C5.5.2 has been the best Cubase I’ve used so far. If you’re experiencing stability problems with it, I’d suggest a top-down review of hardware, drivers, plugins, etc. just to make sure you’re not overlooking some other subtle issue that might be impacting you.

Of course, our usage patterns could be completely different, and you might be exposing some serious bug in a feature that I don’t use very often, but I work Cubase pretty hard in some sessions and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone, as long as they’re up to date with drivers, plugins, etc.

The way everyone is talking out C6, it sounds like Steinberg’s ‘Win 7’!

C6 will run in XP (it just isn’t supported by Steinberg on that OS).
You can of course get 32bit W7, to ensure your VSTi’s will all work too, but there is also a VSTBridge to help with 32bit VSTi’s on a 64bit OS if you go that way.



I’m enjoying Cubase 6 immensely, rock solid, mind you I’ve never had many problems with any version of Cubase although in the past I’ve used the SL or Studio versions if that has anything to do with it.

This is the first I’ve heard of 5.5.2 being unstable. You must have some compatibility issues. It’s rock solid for me, but I’m running Snow Leopard on a Mac Pro with tons of Kontakt 4 and Omnisphere multis and all memory servers enabled. These are huge sessions. I only hope 6 is as stable.

Me neither (on Win7 64-bit). Nothing wrong EVER. Ppl seem to just forget to upgrade their iron among the software. I guess some of them try to use C6 on the same crappy PC that they used Windows 95 in :smiley: Software-issue MY HAIRY A** ! Purchase a decent piece of hardware and off you go.

Like HELL is 5.5.2 unstable ! I bet your computer is - meaning the hardware of course.

Ppl seem to just forget to upgrade their iron among the software. I guess some of them try to use C6 on the same crappy PC that they used Windows 95 in :smiley: Software-issue MY HAIRY A** ! Purchase a decent piece of hardware and off you go.

I have a PC with a sh*tload of huge software and the only reason that I got a bluescreen for, was the tweaking of the processor(s) core frequency too high (from the default 2,8GHz to 3,66GHz) and I lowered it a bit and there’s nothing wrong.

Cubase 5.5.2 hasn’t collapsed ONE TIME. Not once. And I use a lot of it, and squeeze every bit (well, almost) of the features out of it. It’s probably the most stable software that I have, along the Adobe Creative Suite 5. And been using Cubase 6 like a maniac for 5 days now and not a single problem; It even brought in all the settings to the smallest detail from C5.5.2 and there was basically nothing huge that I had to do starting to use C6.

The only thing was the VST2 3rd party plugin paths that I needed to add. But the transition was sooo seamless and smooth that I have to give 10 full points to Steinberg of Cubase6 and also of it being completely stable even as an initial version! Seems like Steiny really put some value of properly testing their software before releasing - as opposed to some vendors that just wanna publish their SW A.S.A.P. and then releasing new updates two times a week.

I’ve been working with PC’s since the year 1990 and have seen this kind of “it’s unstable” jargon since the day one. Had to write out my opinions about that. Sorry if I offended some sensitive soul.

I’ve never had a single corrupt project with 5.5.2. C5 is rock solid and I probably haven’t seen a crash since C4 except when I exceeded the ram limit.

the key word here is old

5.5.2 has been totally stable here.

What is your PC’s spec? CPU, chipset in particular. OS?
Some basic things: have you cleaned your PC out recently - I mean HD programs and system clutter? Is your CPU cooler and fan working and the fins clean? Is your system cool and not spiking in temperature in any way? :question:
Some people are shocked to see how much dust and rubbish gets inside a computer with the fans? :astonished:
Have you tried a program called System Mechanic. I use it to good effect. :smiley:
I find it strange that you are experiencing v5.5 problems, when everyone else is rock-steady. Tell us more about the system you run it on.



The only member who is whining on the forums are you.
Geeez… You whine in almost every topic.
Dont reply if you dont have anything better to say

Sounds to me like you need to find another 5.5 / 6 user near you to help configure your machine. Two heads are better than a forum for fixing this sort of thing.
I know from my own problems it can take ages to sort out this sort of thing and it’s usually a silly fix.
I also find, that unless you’re fishing for that one-off solution that might turn up, forums are the last place to be to solve the problem. All you get is loads of bile on your head and a bit more depressed about it. However a forum might be just the place to find someone local who’s system is working. So ask.

I believe it’s fixable but it can’t be done from here in a hurry.