Cubase 5 AND 7.5 does not save our Waves presets :(

Just spend 300 hard earned euro’s on a update Cubase 5 to Cubase, hoping for a solution for our biggest problem: Cubase 5 does not save our Wave plug inns settings. Guess what? Cubase 7.5 also does NOT save our settings. How can you work properly with a DAW like this? This sucks, I am sick and tired of writing down all settings per plug-inn on a paper, not to mention the time you lose putting all settings back…gimme a break! Thinking for asking my money back. Any other Waves users with same problems? Any solutions?

Which version of Waves?
Are you trying to save as Cubase.vstpresets, or natively in the Waves plugin GUI?
In either case, it should work just fine (does so here :wink:… Waves 9.3 ).
I really don’t know what to suggest, sorry.

As Vic mentioned said it should work. And it has always worked even way before Cubase 5.

As a matter of fact Waves is one of the few VST’s where you can save presets under it’s own system or the Cubase Media Bay. You choose. Personally I like the Waves method since you can save the presets with the song project. I think you can do the same with Media Bay, but I’m not totally comfortable with Media Bay.

Probably best to start with your system specs.

Corrupt system!

When did you last installed your system?
What platform are you at? What Window’s version and do you update your Windows?

If you are on Windows platform, re- Install the complete computer from scratch. Format the C:-disk but before you do that download all drivers, chipset drivers for your motherboard and so on. Perhaps flash the Bios too when you at it. If you use a real old computer and XP or Vista buy perhaps a new up to date computer. Steinberg, Waves and Cubase support only Windows 7 or later…

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We bought the computer last year. Brand new. Windows 7. Running great. Not sure how to answer Vic France’ question. But for example: we got a cubase project. We take a specific track let’s say the kick. We open VST audio setting, select the Wave plugin we need and start to work with the plugin until we got the right sound. If we close the project and restart the project, us going back to the VST audio setting to check the plugin, all are settings are set back 2 default. My bro got a Mac, but also has the same problem.

You closed the Project without saving it first? :confused:


Works here. When saving the project, close and reopen, the preset are saved. (API Bundle 9.3)

No we do save projects of courseo :wink: Everything is saved, even the settings of the Steinberg VST plug-ins. Compressors, delays, reverbs exact like we left it the other day. Except Waves plugins, dey all on default. :frowning:

never had a prob here…something amiss with your system possibly…definitely feel your pain though :frowning:

Could it be that somehow the wave plugins needs admin rights ? What happens if you run Cubase as admin ?

I don’t know. How can I run Cubase as admin?

Right click on Cubase icon, run as administrator.

Which version of Waves, and did you ever contact Waves support?

Thanks man! We are screwed for real. 11 tracks in 5 days. All Waves presets on classic paper :frowning:

Yes we did. They said all plugin’s were tested and they me a manual. But that’s all about saving presets in the plugin itself. So they were like if cubase doesn’t save your settings, it is cubase causing the trouble; our products are fine.

OK thanks Mr. Beer. We will try!

Argh…the same :frowning: all Waves plugin’s on full reset…

You still haven’t said if you are saving the presets as Cubase vstpresets, or natively within each Waves plugin. (in any case, even if the Project reloads with those plugins reset, you’d just have to reload the presets). But, I must admit, I have no idea why this should be happening to you.
As a test, do the Waves plugins load their own presets ok?

Save Waves and all other plugins work here too.
I hope you’re using legit bought plugins?

I hope you don’t waste all our time on wild goose chase of cracked Waves plugins and other cracked softwares in your system that cousing this abnormal behavior?

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All this happen only with your old Cubase 5 projects.
Build a new test project in 7.5 started from scratch.
I think your issues are gone if you do that. I think its all about using old Cubase 5 projects.

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