Cubase 5 recording dropout

Ive been using Cubase 5 with my Steinberg MI4 interface, that I originally bought with Cubase SL3 as the “Studio 4” package.

I recorded a full song recently that was all OK, but suddenly Im getting slight dropout when recording using Cubase 5. Ive checked all the Asio and souncard settings, changed the USB cable, checked the jack cables, uninstalled & reinstalled Cubase 5 and MI4 with all the latest drivers, trashed my preferences, but it still does it.

However, when I record using the original Cubase SL3, all is OK & when I use different software with a different interface, all is OK too, so there seems to be an issue with Cubase 5 and the MI4. Ive spent about 40 hours trying to sort it all out, so does anyone know of any MI4 issues with Cubase 5 and I would appreciate any advise you can give me?

Thanks for your help,
Mesh Intel Dual Core CPU, E6550 at 2.33 GHz, with 2Gb ram,
Windows XP media centre version 2002, service pack 3,
Cubase 5 version 5.5.3, 32 bit,
Steinberg MI4 interface, version 2.8.13, firmware 1.06, set at 44.1Hz, 24 bit.

Why the new thread?

[quote=“mashedmitten”]Why the new thread?

Oops, hope I havent caused any offence. The original thread seems to have run dry, Ive narrowed down the problem, but dont know what else to do to fix it?
Ive recorded on Cubase 5 thro 2 different interfaces & the dropout is still there, but Cubase SL3 thro my MI4 interface is no problem, as is Krystal recording sofware thro a basic behringer interface.

Have you tried trashing Prefs?