Cubase 5 user upgrading to Cubase 9 - what's "new"?


I’ve been using Cubase 5 for many years, since it was released. Now I’m thinking about upgrading to Cubase 9. My question is, what will I recognize, and what “new” features will surprise the most.

I know this is a rather silly question, but I’m still interested in the answers. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


  • Completely new MixConsole (plus Undo/Redo)
  • Zones in the Project window (all-in-one solution)
  • Render in Place
  • Instrument Tracks (multi-timbral, multi-outs)
  • Sampler Track
  • Chord Track/Assistant/Pads
  • VST Expression 2
  • Drum (Audio) quantize
  • VCA
  • VST Transit
  • 64-bit only

Just completed this journey. Let me first say that this forum hyas helped a lot in getting me up and running.
C9 is a big sea change much much better but also lots to learn. It’s slick and powerful. I found that I had to do a lot of small test projects which revealed my weakness to myself. There are some great recources for learning, Steinberb quick tips on their utube channel, then there are Groove 3 and Ask vidoes and a lot fo free stuff.


Thank you for your answers!

I know I can find good info about what’s new compared to Cubase 8, it’s harder to find a good comparison with older versions (for good reason).

Looking forward to reaquaint myself with the program.

Loudness meter
Master meter
Quadrafuzz v2
New Maximizer
Frequency EQ -

Track versions
Comp tool
Group editing
Virgin territories
Elastique 3
Drum editor improvements
Ability to create group and fx channels simultaneously with assigning channels to them on creation
Mixer history and undo!
Channel visibility
Automatic hit point detection and PT style “tab to transient”