Cubase 5 x64 & Waves 7

Hey there,

I use Cubase 5 x64 on my Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Everything works fine, but when I recently installed Waves Complete 7 (32-bit) I get an error that reads:

I also installed Cubase 5 x86 (32-bit) version just to verify and Waves 7 works perfectly. But in Cubase 5 x64 there’s definitely a VST Bridge problem (I’m assuming). I haven’t tried jBridge yet, but I’ve bought it and I’m waiting for the download link to be sent to me. Does anyone know if jBridge might be able to fix this problem?

"Windows 7 64 bit
November 2010

Waves is pleased to announce that Waves Version 7 now supports 32-bit audio hosts running on PCs with Windows 7 64-bit operating systems. Full support for 64-bit audio hosts is not yet available. Waves is making every effort to provide full support as quickly as possible.

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:arrow_right: What you see on your PC is perfectly normal according to the above statement from wavessupport.

Just wait for the free 64 bit versions

You can use J Bridge on the Vst2 vesions but you loose some funtionality, best to wait for VST3 versions.

Why not use the J Bridge demo and see.


Thanks guys for your help. I uise Waves mainly for EQ and Compression, not much else so I don’t think I’ll have that much problem using functionality on other Waves Plugs. The TDM version of it on my Mac works flawlessly.

Go to…

jBridge has now been updated to get Waves V7 working great under Cubase 64 bit…


Hi using the same OS and Cubase5.5.2 here. I use jBridge as it seems to work a treat. What I found with Waves is when installing try to install install as much as the installer will allow you into 1 Waves folder, including the waveshell.

On my rig for example everything is installed into c:\program files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase 5\Vstplugins\Waves

The bridge everything in the Waves folder.

Again my rig the end result is in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VST\jBridge\Waves