Cubase 6.5.3... the project is corrupt! error

Just updated to 6.5.3 last night and now I have an issue saving a project.
I get a pop up saying:
The project could not be saved because:
The project is corrupt!
No new project could be created

so… now what??

Try to make a backup of the project ( under “file”) , that should work. Check the project path then and change it to the new direction so that your new files are stored in the new backup spot (file>export>audio mixdown, the small arrow on the right of the audio path)

Check you permission of the folder.

hi there this really suck - i have never had any similar problems… now i get this error every 20 minutes or so…

I can’t work it drives me nuts… any solutions? an update? something?

Yes, you should try Cubase 6.5.4, in this case.

i just got 2 more errors… since I last posted… I have to always restart my computer…

pfff. … why we do we pay money for something that does not work ??? do you pay US to make your testings ???

More information would be useful, if we try to suggest any solution.

What version of Cubase do you use exactly (Cubase/Artist/6.0.X, 6.5.X; 32/64-bit)? What OS (Windows - which version; Mac OS - which version; 32/64-bit) do you use? Are you using 3rd party plug-ins? Do you have last version of eLicenser Control Center? Can you write more information about the error?

Did you try to trash preferences?

hi there i just made the update after you posted it…

Ihave win XP 32 bit cubase 6.5 and UAD Nevana 32

Like I said i have never had ANY issues with Cubase 4.5

I just got another message right now - the project could not be saved. - the project is corrupt…

We really need more info if we are to join you in a tirade against this buggy software that works perfectly for us but not for you.
It also helps us to fix YOUR problem.

Ah! Just seen your answer thanks. Unfortunately Steinberg for some time now have not supported Windows XP. Looks like you need an OS update.

I did update the licencer as well

Trash preferences? can you please tell me more… ???

Sounds like hard drive failure to me… as similar things happened to me once and my drive dying.
Try diagnostic program for your drive.
I could be wrong, but it´s worth to try.

Windows XP is not supported OS for Cubase 6.5. Steinberg doesn’t guarantee stability and all functions of Cubase 6.5 under the Windows XP. Maybye, Windows XP is the problem.

it could be…

but Steinberg is not thinking that NOT all people have the cash to BUY Windows 7 … I wanted to upgrade for some time but my other huge investments kept me from doing it…

I am running a rental company with a big sound system, a recording studio / band / a guitar brand… is not always easy …

Steniberg should do it right…

But the USER must also do enough research to prevent himself spending money on an expensive app upgrade, because they can tell their customers they have it, when they can’t afford to upgrade the OS to make it function properly.
That’s the way business people function in my neck of the woods. You don’t buy a 4 wheel drive car and then complain that when winter comes the manufacturer didn’t supply it with winter tyres.
If what I’m quoting is correct then my best advice is don’t do that again. As grandma used to say, buy to impress?! You’ll only wear it once!

The Steinberg customer should do it right as well.

Hey NO need to be ruse or impolite. just measure your words…

I got Cubase 6.5 because I need it - and yes because of the excitement I did not check what version of windows is supported or NOT. My point is very different.

SINCE so many people in the world STILL USE WIN XP as you can still buy it in shops Steinberg should support it. When no XP will be available in any shops than they would have been right to stop supporting such OS. That is my point.

And since neither XP - 7 or newly win 8 is not that cheap and neither Cubase I have ALL the right to talk about it and this has nothing to do with your grandma’s car or your winter tires. I never by stuff to impress in fact I am very hard to impress especially by people like you.

some people here explained in a very nice manner already so your ugly comment is not welcomed

Thanks for the support to all people above.

Best regards,

It looks like it is… thanks… being in the middle of a project i can’t take 3-4 days off to install it all again - so- i’ll have to wait a little longer in order to be a happy camper ;o)

Thanks a lot.