Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5: 6.5.4 Update available

Dear Cubase users,

Today we are happy to announce the availability of the Cubase 6.5.4 and Cubase Artist 6.5.4 updates.

This pre-release update resolves the following issues:

  1. Prologue: Fine-tune values are now corrected.
  2. Audio: Scrubbing functionality repaired in OS X 64-bit.
  3. Audio: Broadcast Wave descriptions now displayed correctly when converting BWAV files (e.g. by using Convert Files in Pool).

The 6.5.4 updaters can be found at:

Cubase 6.5 downloads

Cubase Artist 6.5 downloads

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

I own q.2 Cubase 6.5, q.1 Cubase 6.0, WaveLab 7 and WaveLab 7, Sequel 2 etc.
I use both OSX and Windows in 3 different computers.
In my MacPro with Snow Leopard I can’t open Score Editor in all the version of Cubase 6.5, including the new 6.5.4 because Cubase crashes immediately!!!
For printing my scores I have to open the MIDI File in another program or transfer the project in the PC with another Cubase 6.5.x because in Windows the Score Editor works perfectly …
I can I solve this problem?

The Prologue fine-tune-values bug also exists in Cubase Elements 6.07 (and I think all the other non-6.5 versions too)! Will Cubase Elements also get an update with the Prologue bug fix?

Cubase 6.5 users, can you please tell, if Prologue patches made with a pre 6.5 version now sound correct with the 6.5.4 update, or do you have to manually adjust all the “old” fine tune values now?

Hi Rainbox,

Have you tried resetting the preferences on the Mac computer? This might solve the problem:[keyword_search]=Preferences

Excellent, this has finally solved the problem, thank you! :wink:
Now I have to choose what to put inside the Preset folder:
Logical Edit, Project Templates, MIDI plug-ins presets and something more… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

Cubase 6.5.4 seems to be very stable, no problems so far.

I will check the fine tuning bugs later

I like Steinberg’s effort in releasing these maintenance and fixes updates this late? in the product’s life cycle. Cubase right now is pretty damn solid and reliable, a pleasure to work with, I hope C7 can live up to it… :wink: .



Good to know it works for someone. Im getting crashes when trying to access plugins, lockups when trying to save or ‘save as’ on a consistent basis. I was really hoping this would address all that but I’m sorry I bought this Cubase artist garbage. I thought I was buying the full version off of ebay and was thinking about upgrading but man…this has to be the worst cubase I’ve used and I’ve used them since SX2. What a sucker I am.

Im not trying to be a little girl about this but I really just want to know if this is going to be the last update or what? I reaaaaly want to hang on to this and upgrade it but the crashes and lockups and plugin incompatabilities are simply ridiculous and unacceptable. Cubase 5 was stable and good to go with the SAME PLUGINS on the same operating system on the same computer. That’s what I get for trying to fix what wasn’t broken. Now I’m screwd unless you guys fix this junk. I don’t think the projects are backwards compatible right? :angry:

Try trashing the prefs.

Plus, you might try getting help by just starting your own topic, indicating your system specifics and what exactly happens, instead of being sorry for yourself. There are many many users of Cubase (Artist) that have a very pleasant experience every time they start it up…

…this has to be the worst cubase I’ve used and I’ve used them since SX2. What a sucker I am.

You’ve been using Cubase that long that you haven’t learned a thing about systems and how to contact support? :unamused:
Also you haven’t learned that crying in the corner just doesn’t get you any special attention.
Looks to me awfully like those “review” posts you see that are written by bad review bunnies on Amazon etc.

Prove me wrong but what does it say in your e-Licenser?

After updating to 6.5.4 playing midi files is causing hick-ups.
How can I solve this problem.


Problem solved.
uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase 6.5 did not work. 6.5.4 must have corrupted something else.
Made a clean reinstall OS, installed Cubase 6, drivers for MR816X and CC121, upgrade till 6.5.3
and system is running perfect.
There must be a problem in 6.5.4 so be careful with this untested update.


Windows 7 pro 64, Cubase 6.5.3
Intel DX58S02, I7 X990 3,47GHz, 24GB DDR3 1600MHz, Sapphire HD6970.
CC121 and MR816X

Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. This is in stark contrast with Pro Tools, which has very little to offer in support of it’s products from my experience.

This is a video game? Or audio software? Now if I check 32bit mode under osx 10.8.2 Mountain Lion I can’t use any kind of audio driver, no fireface uc, no core audio, no asio driver available. So with 6.5.3 i can use the driver but no plugs, now 6.5.4 i can see 32bit plugs but no audio. Very good job my friends. Thanks again :slight_smile:
jj :question:

tomorrow I will test under 10.7.5 Lion or I’ve to back to 6.5.1 was a very good release only crashes when quit. :mrgreen:
cubase device setup.jpg

same troubles here!

using mac os m-lion 10.8.2

I also have Cubase 5 installed and there it works fine!

need some troubleshooting here ASAP! :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

What are your problems?

I’ve got OS X 10.8.2 also here on my laptop. I recorded a few tracks with some plug ins today and everything seems fine here.

I have a remote session later this week. THAT will be the real test.

But so far, no problems.

10.8.2 other problems with switching from BuiltIn audio to Fireface UC, the sample rate remain to 44kHz, and i’ve to go to Project Setup to switch manually to 48kHz. I found this problem because when i’ve used guitar rig the tuning was half tone up, but my guitar was already tuned with pedal, all under Cubase in 64Bit mode. Impossible to use Cubase 6.5.4 on 10.8.2 in 32bit with Fireface or Built in audio, Asio Drivers seems to be not functions.

I’ve Macbook pro, Cubase 6.5.4 and Fireface UC 1.76 firmware. Everything was fine with 6.5.1 until update to 6.5.3. and now at 6.5.4. I will back to 6.5.1.

Terrible updates.


please please please put Cubase 6.5.1 in the Download links I dont have with me and I need to downgrade for continue to work… Thanks :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Hi, i have a problem with Cubase 6.5

I worked in Cubase 5 without problems with AVI, MOV and MP4 files, but now with Cubase 6.5 i just can’t work.
Only with MP4 and MOV files, but your quality image is very poor and the video doesn’t run smooth.
If i update to 6.5.4 i can’t generate cashe for any kind of files, in other words, i can’t work with videos anymore. :cry:

I know 3 more people with the same problem, and i guess we aren’t alone

PS: I tried the same Movie Files that i worked in Cubase 5 in different Computers (PC and MAC) and didn’t work in Cubase 6.5

I’m realy waiting for a solution or a new update.