Cubase 6.5 DM4800 Setup

I am new to Cubase as well as to the DM4800 so I hope I don’t have this hosed up too bad! I am hoping someone with a similar setup can correct me without too much thought.

My issue is that I can’t get any sound out of any channel on the board.

I add an audio track to the project and select buss 1 as input for example and there is no sound. The meters do not jump on the board or in Cubase.

I can however plug the KX60 in via USB, add a track, select it as input and it works fine with zero latency to boot! I can create all the instrumental tracks I want this way.

I want to add a vocal track and just can’t seem to figure it out. I think I have the board or Cubase configured wrong or maybe both are cofigured wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


PC/Windows 7 x64
Cubase 6.5 x64
Tascam DM4800 with IF-FW/DM MkII in Slot1
Yamaha KX60

Current DM4800 Configuration



Channels 1-16 = ML1-ML16

Channels 17-40 = SLOT1-SLOT24




SLOT1 TRK 9-16 = BUSS9/DIR9 - BUSS16/DIR16
SLOT1 TRK 17-24 = BUSS17/DIR17 - BUSS24/DIR24
SLOT1 TRK 25-32 = BUSS25/DIR25 - BUSS32/DIR32

NOTE:(I have tried using the input bypass in the output section to point ot the IF FW/DM mkII to no avail)

Current CUBASE Configuration


Showing 32 channels in and 32 channels out all active


MONO IN 1-24


Any luck Frank? I just got a DM4800 too and trying to get my head around it. Still working on understanding the routing here. Let me know what you have found out.

Make sure that you have the ‘direct’ button pushed on the channel you want to send to Cubase (output assign section). Also, apart from setting Mic1-16 on channels 1-16 (INP in your routing screen), set SLOT1-16 below each Mic input (RTN in routing screen). That way, whichever comes in, also goes out to the firewire interface - IF the ‘direct’ button is pushed for that channel.

Unfortunately, the Tascam forum has been down for a while, cause that was a great resource, but maybe you can find some more info here: These desks are a tough cookie to crack at first, but once you get the hang of it, they’re fantastic in every way!

Just went from the dm-24 to the DM 4800. Got some it working, will be on the phon with TASCAM again tomorrow

Hello everybody. I work with cubase 6 and a tascam DM4800. I can try answer your questions if you need help anymore. Send me a message .:wink:

I want to route 4 of my firewire returns to my 4 AUX outs, how do i o this?

I am trying to use the boards effects, (reverb, delays, etc) as send effects instead of plugins. I can’t seem to figure out the routings. Anyone doing this with this board?

Here’s my default template for DM-4800:

IF-FW returns from DAW => CH 1 … 24
M/L inputs => CH 25 … 48 / splitted to IF-FW sends to DAW using INPUT BYPASS
F/X returns / misc => CH 49 … 64

Hope this helps.

I am a little confused, i want to be able to set up 4 individual headphone mixes out the aux sends and still be able to mix one out the headphone mx.

This needs to be both live at the time long with the already recorded tracks

What is the best way to accomplish this?

First of all, you need to route AUXes (1 to 4) to ASSIGNABLE SENDS.

Then you can choose one of 2 different approaches:

  1. Configure AUXes as “pre-fader” and just send required amount of signal from each channel to specific AUX
  2. Configure AUXes as “post-fader” and put AUX sends (1 to 4) on each channel to “0dB”. Now your default headphone mixes are the same as main mixes, but you can boost or cut any channel on any AUX as required.

Of course if you’re ITB, you can create headphone mixes in Cubase’s Cintrol Room and, send those to DM, and use INPUT BYPASS routing to send these directly to ASSIGNABLE OUTs.

I think i want to do it in the box, can you please expand on this?

I really appreciate your time

Hold on for awhile. Have to reboot my studio to get TMC working and get some screenshots from my DM (never happened before).

… And here we go … I have 2 stereo headphone (Studio) mixes in Cubase’s Control Room (you can adapt this to your needs for 4 stereo or mono mixes … depending n your needs). First I have studio mixes created in Cubase’s Control Room routed toDM’s FireWire card’s inputs 25 to 28 (those happened to be free on my setup … you can choose any ones you like):

Then I’ll go to DM’s ROUTING/OUTPUT and route these FW cards inputs (25 … 28) to ASSIGNABLE SENDS (1 …4):

That’s it.

Thank you, i will give it a shot, if i fo mono wiill i get both sides or just one in the headphones?

Jarno, thanks for all your help, it’s been a real struggle getting my head wrapped around this board. I’ve got Effects 1&2 working great on each track coming through the board, now to be able to export a mix to include these Effects from the board, I have to route them back to the Stereo Outs in Cubase, right? So, how do I route those tracks using the boards effects back through the Cubase Stereo Outs?

Thanks again

Depends on your headphone amplifier and the cables you have. Can’t really say anything about this without further information.

Excuse me, but I may not understand the question … but I’ll try. In the setup I posted earlier, there’s routing of DM’s STEREO buss to IF-FW/DM’s outputs 31/32. If you select this as the input of your mixdown track in Cubase you should be able to record what you hear. Here’s a screenshot:

Jarno, Thanks so much. Somehow I missed that amoungst all the other great info! I’m really loving this board, its just taken some time to get used to it.

I am trying to figure out the cleanest way to add an external tube pre without having to patch or plugin.

Is it possable to plug the pre into an aux return and send that over on say 25 in?

Any other ideas are welcome :wink:

Also, any news on a new tascam forum?

It’s a complex piece of equipment. While not being a pro, I’m definitely not a noob when it comes to studio equipment … but even 4 years after getting my DM-4800 I realised there was a better ways to do some things with it. That’s what I call a steep learning curve!

Yes it is. I have my Joemeek and Focusrite preamps connected to assignable returns (5+6) and routed into channels 49+50:


Thank you again

All I know is Tascam Forums should be returnig at but I’m sceptical about it.