Cubase 6.5 double clicking on track names to rename

I realized in Cubase 6 from time to time I would double click on track names to change the name and Cubase would refuse to allow me to do so. Also when double clicking on Audio waveforms to go into the edit view for audio warp etc. I would make several clicks without any progress. I am running Windows 7 64bit Cubase 6.5 and I have a quad core intel machine with 8GB of Ram. I use jbridge1.4 for vstis. I really think that this problem should be looked at. I should not be having issues with renaming a track or editing audio.


This is second “double-click issue” on Windows (the second one is on Windows XP, I think) in two days. Seriously, maybye, there IS problem in the Cubase. The second user says, this issue is in one project only. Did you try this on more then one project, please?


Yes it is in more than one project and now I’m on a deadline and the audio editor which I use for variaudio just refuses to open so I can do pitch correction. This is frustrating because this is the most basic function but I guess I have to go back to melodyne


I´m not on the computer with Cubsae, now. But I think, you can open the audio editor from menu too, don´t you?


This is a problem I referred to with “Sluggish GUI” I assumed it was the new GUI introduced in Cubase 6 causing the double click problem.

But I also referred to trying to type in from the keyboard was very unresponsive, takes a few keypresses to get it to register.

I over came the double click issue with my mouse, it has side buttons with which I created a macro for opening Key editor and sample editor.

I havent gone to 6.5 but this problem was present in 6.0.5

FYI, there is no such issue here, in C5, Windows 7 64bit.


Yeah this problem only started with Cubase 6. I was at 5 and it was ok.

It is the OS, not cubase.

If it’s the OS, howcome it happens in v6, but doesn’t happen in v5 with the same OS?

Because the UI of C6 is more complex.

Umm, no.

If you go back and forth with clowns, you will soon end up with a rubber nose and huge feet. Just sayin’.


Thanks so much. You’re right Cubase 5 did not have these issues. I just want them to fix it. I’m using Enter to use the sample editor now

No problem on Vista.

Graphics hardware issue perhaps?

I’m not on Cubase 6.5 yet, but since a couple of you mentioned that the issue started with version 6 then I have to say that that hasn’t been the case for me. I’m on Cubase 6.0.5 and Windows 7 Pro SP1. Double-clicking both to rename tracks and to go into the Sample Editor have not been a problem for me. It could be a graphical hardware issue for all we know.

The key editor or sample editor will open with a double click, in a relitively empty project, but the further you go with it, eventually you’ll be double clicking 8 or 9 times before the damn thing will open.

OS bottlenecks will cause that.

Cubase 5 never suffered with this problem with similarly heavy projects, it’s a 6 bug.

I’m using Vista with no issues on 6.0.5.

If the update comes out before my trial ends, that will be the test as maybe 6.5 does not contain all the necessary compatibility enhancements required for proper interaction with the underlying Operating System.