Cubase 6.5 Mac Poof after exit Projects

After save project exit project, Cubase poof’s
24 inch imac 2.4 GHz Core 2… 4 Gigs of ram
OS X 10.6. CI2+ Yamaha KX49
all latest update’s and Drivers CI2+ on a clean buss

any one have this problem

Aloha I,

Happening here as well but not all the time.

Seems if I save/close out all windows and then quit Cubase, all is well.

But if I just quit Cubase in the middle of a song with (plug) windows open,
this may (or may not) happen.

But I believe this is all 3rd party related.
Something wants to keep the party goin’.

(hope this helps)

It happens in both case’s but also not all the time…

any one have this problem

Apparently so:

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