cubase 6.5 update removed from uk

ok this is more of a rant then anything else.
pay day today and my birthday next week (December 5th would you bloody believe it) so i fort hell let me go and finally upgrade to 6.5 from 5.5.3, only to find its been removed from the site saying you cant get it in my country anymore… :frowning:((
not being funny or anything but im not going to be happy if i have to wait for 7 and like 5 (and 6 so i heard) was release SOME THINGS DONT WORK CORRECTLY and then im having to revert back to 5.5.3 X(
i can understand the BIG SUPER DUPER 7 is just about to be released but i at least want to be able to work with 6.5 just in case knowing cubase’s background. dont get me wrong i hope 7 works right off the bat that would make me so happy and worth the wait but im a realist and and look at the past before i can judge the future.
so my question is why remove 6.5 update a full week before its release? but at the same time still have sx3 updates etc etc
from what iv been told from places (other stores) is that the 5 to 7 update is only £10 more, so the logical thing would be to up the price of the update to 6.5 to that and everyone is happy or am i completely missing the point here?

Well, it´s probably as always - When many people want the same thing but there is only a limited number left, those that are fast will get it, those that wait too long won´t. You waited too long.
Especially with the grace period conditions for C7, it was quite obvious, the remaining boxes might go out of stock rather fast…

errr didnt i say site as if in download, u tell me they have a limited amount of codes and downloads? or did i miss something?

V 5 to V 6.5 update has never been available as download, unless I am missing something

Why can’t I get the grace-period update to C6.5?

I just activated my C6 upgrade from C4. As expected my license is for C6.5, and I’ll be entitled to a free upgrade to C7.

However, I’m not inclined to try new versions of software (including Cubase) until it’s been in use for several months. Nevertheless, once I’ve had some experience with C6, I would like to try C6.5.

After entering my eLicenser number, the grace period web page tells me an update to C6.5 is available to me, and gives a link it, but the link is broken.

The following grace period updates are available for the eLicenser XXXXXX XXXXXX:

Product > . . . . > Download product

Cubase 6.5 . . Cubase_6.5_Update.exe (0.72 GB)
. . . . . . . . . . Cubase_6.5_Update.dmg (0.73 GB)

o Please download Cubase 6.5 now via the download link above.

o Install Cubase 6.5 and check in the eLCC application, if the Cubase 6.5 license is available. If not, please click on “Maintenance” and the license will be transmitted.

o You can download Cubase 6.5 at any time from this web site by entering the eLicenser number.

But, no, I can’t download C6.5 because the link is broken - “The page cannot be found (404 Error)”.

Is this just a mistake or does Steinberg actually have some reason for denying me access to the software that I have a license to run?

Resolved here: