Cubase 6 is amazing!

I know a lot of people come here with problems and issues, but I just wanted to take a couple of mins to say…

well done Steinberg! I’m massively impressed with v6 over v5. Time stretching / pitch shifting is now awesome, the DAW as a whole feels so much tighter and is much more stable not to mention how seamless hitpoints / slicing has now become. Am advising everyone I know with cubase 5 to upgrade.


Yep, I agree it is amazing! Also, the new tempo detection deserves a mention.

Personally, I come here to try to help people and make constructive suggestions to Steinberg. But sometimes I have a bit of a whinge :mrgreen:


Thank you guys! :slight_smile:
Please fill out the customer satisfaction online survey in case you haven’t done that already!

I have to agree

Its also so much nicer to the eyes


I agree.

As someone who can easily whine about some cutting edge feature that’s not implemented yet … in perspective the glass is way, way more than half full.

Why it’s almost spilling over the brim!


+1 :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more!

As of right now, Cubase 6 is the best DAW on the market IMO. When you go down the list and compare feature to feature with Logic 9, ProTools 10, Sonar X1, Studio One V2, etc… Cubase 6 is clearly the winner.

Aloha and +2

Yes, it really reminds me how far Cubase has come. :slight_smile:


Count me in too as a Cubase nut - been with it since 3.something or other before VSTs never though of changing and yes I filled in the survey.

Count me in as well. I have few problems with Cubase, despite some of my songs really pushing it and the host computer.

Been with Cubase for ten years now since VST.


I need to be with it each and every day… but I’m a geek and I’m like that about quite a few things. :wink:

(that survey was a bit limiting; not sure what all they are going to fathom from the results - apart from maybe the ‘how SB is perceived’ bit; oh, and would you like d/load or boxed…)

Cubase 6 is amazing…

  • Mediabay,
  • Windows management,
  • trackpresets,
  • FXP/FXB dropped support,
  • Preferences management,
  • “Shadowed/3D” events display…

…are not ! :neutral_face:

Sorry, couldn’t resist… :mrgreen:

Especially since my idea of a “loud” company may be different than yours. So you will get this blended nonsense result set with no anchor to evaluate against. Truly, mindbogglingly ridiculous to anyone who has gone even slightly beyond basic stats.

Party pooper :laughing:

Its funny most of things you mentioned are actually reasons why I love Cubase so much…

Agreed… I am loving it here as well. I do hope that they offer an option with lanes to not have every slice cut every single lane… & I prefer the old mute system there as well.

Other than that though, Cubase is really pretty amazing and solid. I am making my next record with it, and so far, it has not let me down. It sounds great… it’s easy to use… the feature set is pretty amazing. Steinberg have an amazing product.

I’m in agreement here. 6.0.5 on Windows 7 is the best Cubase experience I’ve ever had. Looks, feels, and sounds great! I opened up a project in Cubase 5 the other day and was shocked at how funny it looked. I’m sure it would work fine without any serious issues (I used it for quite some time), but 6 is just so much easier on the eyes and looked more pro to me.


+1 here, too.

I have yet to move to Win7 but it will happen. I have recently been told the Waves is updating their plugins to 64 bit in January so I am waiting this out just a bit longer…

BUT - BUT - Cubase 6 is awesome, true, but so are the members of this site. Heck, maybe the members here are more awesome than Cubase. …Er, well, I guess you all need Cubase to be awesome answering my dumb questions about Cubase so… OK then, you are all equally as awesome as Cubase.