Cubase 6 needs a sampler

Please add a sampler instrument to Cubase 6 in one of the updates…
I would be happy with a HALion 4 LE version when it comes out.
Almost every other DAW has a sampler included, except for Cubase :blush:

And adding a LE version of HALion would definitely boost sales for the full version because you would already have a user base for the product.


I totally agree but stopped posting about this due to now owning Kontakt within the Komplete package so I gave up wishing a while ago, but its still very relevant to mention that Cubase is lacking without a decent sampler bundled.

Not an Excellent ROMpler, Nor an excellent drum loop player - the perception seems that users only need a sampler because they need to use drum loops, or to have extra ‘bread and butter’ instruments at their disposal. True of course but a sampler to me is a piece of Kit that can take any sound from anywhere and process it in any combination of musical and rhythmical ways, with powerful synthesis and filters etc.

You used to get all that in hardware (costing a fortune), in the days when ‘sampling’ a sound was not taken for granted like it is now.

Halion 4 is long awaited, will need to be really special to make its mark, with VST3 it might be!

Maybe there’ll be a SE version Halion 4 in a future Cubase?

How good are the samplers in the other DAWs? Kontakt and the now looking dead Emulator X3 are not exactly cheap and I would suspect that any sampler that does not come up to those standards from Steinberg might well be panned by users asking for more and more functionality from an add-on that probably will have it’s failings.

I recently bought the “now looking dead” Emulator X3 off eBay for $187.00. It is a beast and a true, recording sampler. It is a crying shame E-Mu seems totally defunct … as there could be just a few tweaks to make Emulator X3 truly stellar.

Nonetheless … it is totally outstanding and a true sound creation tool. It comes loaded with BeatGarden, X-Lead, Producers Pack and Grand Piano. Building new presets is a snap: cheaters way is to import or record your own samples, scroll through the factory presets till you find something you like or close to it and then copy all the parameters onto your samples’ preset. Voila.

The midi matrix and Z-plane filters are great, too. All in all, I think the work flow is far superior to Kontakt.

Emulator X3 is both 32 and 64 bit. Personally, I think it’s a no brainer to grab now while the price is low … before it disappears.

Beyond all that … +1 for a Cubase bundled sampler. Which they really could have, should have done with Groove Agent One. See the thread here on the Groove Agent One 1.2 undate.

A basic sampler would be sufficient. At least one would have the ability to load sample banks without having to buy yet another piece of software.
If one wants full featured editing then it is normal to pay extra $$$.

I have an emu - dont use it these days, the filters are awesome

Noisy though, shame… I used to know my way around its many menus :confused: would probably find it a pain now

Emu where the dominators of sampling werent they

I suppose it’s a reasonable request, though it’s one that’s often been made before, with no action from SB.

I’m amongst those users who wish SB would ideally concentrate on Cubase itself, and downplay the bundled software. But do I realise that the bundle does perhaps attract extra buyers – and that helps feed and clothe the programmers. And I prefer software that’s not written by naked hungry people. :wink:

Well now, “definitely” is a very unusual way to spell “IMHO”. :confused:

SB must be the best placed to estimate the size of any plausible boost to sales. (And, I imagine the estimate must make allowance for users who would have bought the full version but decide not to once they have a LE version?) And, anyway, they have other work to do - I can’t get away with saying “more important work” - like improving Cubase.

@Betamac … yes they were.
I cringe every time I think how Creative has smothered them. I guess Creative wanted their dsp expertise for development of the SoundBlasters for the mass market. They still are selling the well regarded 1212, 1212M, 1616 and 1616M audio interfaces and recently developed a PCIe card for the units with the 1616 series docking stations.

They are located in Scotts Valley, California near Santa Cruz … right where UAD calls home. UAD hired away some of their top engineers. I keep hoping UAD will acquire the patent rights to E-Mu from Creative and put out some new sampler emulations on the UAD2 DSP cards.

BTW … I just acquired an ASR-X Pro Turbo for a little outboard sampling. It will shake hands nicely with the Emulator X3.

Just hopin.’


a sampler would be nice. I like how its done in STUDIO ONE - since iam working a lot of with recorded audio files its amazing to just right click and load the audio sample into the sampler from any place.

+ 1 !!!

this is desired since a long time.

Every other DAW on the market comes with a fully functioning sampler by default (!)

How nice it would be simply play a cutted region e.g. per drag/drop with an onboard-sampler - pure creativity! Not only for sounddesigners, musicians or composers, but also for the simple song exchange (!) without third party plugins.

My simple wish is a light version onboard-sampler in cubase with mininal features like:
2x ADSR-envelopes, 3 filters (HPF/BPF/LPF), 2 LFOs, WAV/Kontakt/EXS24 import, drag/drop, automapping, crossfadeloop, 16 multitimbral, 16 Outputs.
(or perhaps similar to StudioOne´s sampler, or EXS24)

BTW: Steinberg has long time a sampler code in the drawer with VSTi Halion. So where´s the problem?

And I think it would be better when Halion 4 be bundled as a free sampler with Cubase 6.1.
As it stands now I don’t think it’s possible for Halion to catch up with Kontakt platform, but any sort of competition is welcome.
The only way that Halion can get some marketshare at this point is by being bundled with Cubase 6.1.

Please see this Thread (Halion sampler bundled with Cubase?)


I got myself Kontakt 4.

As the guy above said, i think Steinberg would have some serious catch up to do. Esp with so many 3rd party sample sets out there already catering for Kontakt. And some are outstanding. Kontakt itself is a quality bit of kit. For me i think Steinberg would have a job turning heads in this field…

I do however agree that this is the key area in which Cubase is lacking. im sure at some point the addition of some form of sampler is inevitable. They could charge an extra 100 euros for the upgrade and everything… so yeah their bound to :wink:

I think long time users already have a sampler.I own Kontakt and built quite a library over the years(the same goes for high quality synths,eqs,compressors, etc).I would prefer to see improvements on the main program.But i understand the necessity for the young guys .

I just wanna drag n drop into a sampler! I don’t care if its Kontakt (which I already own) or a Cubase instrument. I really want to know what it feels like to actually drag a sample from mediabay to a sampler in Cubase… imagine that haha!

Right now GAO is the closest thing we got… if it just had proper envelopes (volume,filter, & pitch) I would be a happy :slight_smile:

+1 for a basic included sampler in Cubase. I’d love it to have the option to save the currently used samples within the project folder under say “Sampler Audio” similar to what Ableton’s Live can do with 'Collect All and Save".

OK guys, I’m gonna have to chime in on this one: I COMPLETELY AGREE!

I really, really miss the days of samplers that actually sampled. Oh, the fun I had with my little Casio sampling keyboard back when I was a wee lad…

It would be so brilliant to just cut snippets of tracks and drag & drop them into the sampler, or to arm the sampler itself to instantly sample something, setting gate thresholds just like we did back in the day…

Kontakt is powerful, but CUMBERSOME! I own it, and I’ve dived right in. It’s a beast, but it’s still not easy, and it still doesn’t sample. Sometimes, you just want instant gratification. Well, for me, that’s most of the time. I love it when software doesn’t interrupt my flow, doesn’t open an external wave editor, doesn’t INTERRUPT MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT, but just does what I tell it to, and right away. Then, it starts to feel like a musical instrument.

Cubase, as it improves, is feeling more and more that way all the time. I think a top-flight bundled sampler THAT ACTUALLY SAMPLES and has super easy means of storing, importing, and organizing samples would be a gas. It’d also give Cubase a unique edge.

Again, that idea of dragging and dropping audio parts directly into a zone within the GUI is brilliant. That could be MAJOR. Nobody does this right now! I don’t want to have to mess with ANY menus, I don’t want to have to go surfing my file system for ANYTHING. I want it all right there.

“Never Leave Cubase” should be the tagline. Imagine that!! :laughing:

“Never leave Cubase” :bulb:

Sure +1 for an included sampler, but for Steinberg sake, only have (included) content from HASE/HALionSonic systems, as well the sampler itself “bare bones” otherwise it would impinge on other product areas.