Halion4 bundled with Cubase 6.1 ?


I think it would be better when Halion 4 (?) be bundled as a free sampler with Cubase 6+.
Every other DAW on the market comes with a fully functioning sampler by default (!)
As it stands now I don’t think it’s possible for Halion to catch up with Kontakt platform, but any sort of competition is welcome.
The only way that Halion can get some marketshare at this point is by being bundled with, e.g.Cubase 6**.x**.
Any opinions?


How would that make sence, would there not be more money to be made by the company by selling Halion 4 seperately?
Steinberg is not a charity, how would your idea make better commercial sence?

Ohh! THE original HIPPO “reloaded” ?

It must be him - he never could spell “sense” :laughing: Nice to see you back Hippo, from one old zoo animal to another.

you both spelled it wrong, it should be “this idea makes no cents!”

Precisely the reason I gave up waiting and bought Kontakt 4.

It would be better if HALion 4 just were…

because hippo who cant even spell sense…their commercial sense has been completely blown out of the water and washed away by Kontakt 4 and no other updates for Halion for the last four years. The horse has bolted, Steinberg have dropped the ball, they have egg on their face, etc etc.

it makes perfectly good commercial sense for other DAWs like Logic & Ableton to include a sampler in their DAW package. So it should make sense for Steinberg to do the same and strengthen their 3rd or 4th place in the DAW race…before they become 5th place.


It might make “sense” to bundle with half-baked solutions such as PT & Logic etc but for steinberg, makers of the VST specification unto which all other DAW’s aspire, it makes no cents whatsoever.

right sanctimony…they are so clever about the vst spec that they must automatically make the best sampler in the world that they should charge separately for that the others dont, right…because after all if youre clever enough to make one then you must make the best of the other :laughing:

theyre so clever about the vst3 spec that you cant even put the plugins in your own order in the list…genius…

having said all that i do own Halion 3, and i do hope they make a good Halion 4 one day. But its going to be a Herculean effort to pull the userbase back off Kontact now…they may as well cut their losses and just use it to boost Cubase package sales. Otherwise it will make little impact if/when it is finally released.

One solution might be to offer a cut-down version or limited time licence of Halion 4 as part of C6,with a financially tempting upgrade path.

Rather like HSO with C5 - I wonder how many folk picked up HSO as a result of that bundling, even though it was only a 16 bit version with a clunky old GUI that was on offer - If you didn’t already have an orchestral library it made sense.

If the bundled Halion 4 demonstrated that it was super neatly integrated with C6, fresh and well featured, then folk would be more likely to go for an uprgrade.

Although I’m sure that some would complain about it if there was any thought that a lot of resources were diverted into bundling an “unwanted” Halion 4 rather than developing and consolidating the core features of Cubase. Especially those who already have large Kontact libraries.

Maybe you could have the option to have Halion 4 instead of Loopmash 2 ? I’d go for something like that!

Well. Where does it stop. Free this, free that. Wow! guys. Why not free everything?

Let the cheapskate revolution begin right here. :laughing:

ARGH!!! Loopmash 2 … that’s like Killer Klowns from Outerspace 2! Wait … Maybe Loopmash 2 IS Halion 4.

I think a cut down version of Halion 4 bundled in Cubase 6 would be a good idea. Not only for us Cubase users, but with competition from cheaper DAW’s like Reaper, and Studio One out there, having things like a sampler built in to Cubase like Logic does would encourage some to stay with Cubase. Then you could buy the full version of Halion if you so desire.

There is a cut down version of Halion bundled with Cubase … it’s Halion1

I don’t believe you can import samples into it from third party company’s?

Do people actually purposely buy Halion? Furthermore do non cubase/nuendo users even consider Halion knowing the far superior options available?

If they bundled it free with Cubase/Nuendo it would promote development of Halion Libraries.

Why would anyone want or need Halion? Kontakt is such a complete and universal sampler that I’m guessing 90% of all “professionals” probably use it.

exactly Sean. most ppl have this sentiment. so unless Steinberg now admit defeat and make it part of Cubase 6 and market it as value-adding to the platform then i doubt it will garner any interest at all upon its release.

but, as we know, Germans dont like to admit defeat.

Why do you wish for cubase 6?
I would rather want “cubase 6” features, (but not bugs, and sloppy midi) added to cubase 5 update :wink:

actually, I don’t really want the new features at all, just fix the broken current features