Cubase 6 still no chord track.

Why? Dont you know the basic fundamentals of music?

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What’s a chord track?

I have not received my copy yet so I cound not end a bug report, that should have been a great post.

A chord track was in VST versions of cubase. It contains information on what chord is going on. In those days there was not much of plugins that could do anything about it. But today it would have been a great base for plugins like grove agents and expression generating tools. They did a update of the VST plugin interface, but without a common share of chord information it really sucks. How easy would it not be to get a autotune to do a great job with less work. And the sheets. And all the help you could get when moving parts around. Look at yamaha QY hardware sequencers.

If you play a chord and record on a midi track, do all the notes show up?
Then what is the problem, do you want cubase to write and mix your music for you?

Musicians have no need of a chord track as they generally know what they are or can quickly work them out. John Gar is right. You also have a chord display in the toolbar and in the Score editor you can highlight notes and invoke a “make chords” command. But it’s pretty easy to work on chord theory so that you don’t need the program to do it.
I do realise non-musicians use DAWs but they don’t need to learn ALL about music to give themselves a the little tools that get jobs like that done quickly and the basics are a lot simpler to learn than they look.

I cant afford real musicians that play the chord I want. But a virtual could probably do a good job. But the virtual ones does not read chords on paper.

+1 This is definitely worth having.

Could you please arrange a screen shot from the old version so I can see how they looked back then?

I’m old school, but not that old school to remember.

Did Atari have this by the way?

Chord track can be useful in detecting chord in a midi performance.
Few days ago i view this feature in Logic 9 and insert chords symbols in a score layout is a game.
I don’t know if Cubase can do this now. Maybe, but I do not know.

Yes it can… And that at least since SX 3 IIRC

Yes, I missed this one too, since it was taken away.

I would’ve thought that they would’ve enhanced the Chord Track rather than removing it.

And no, it’s not that I couldn’t create a regular track and enter the chords, it’s more a matter of organization.

Sort of like the Tempo track, it’s not that you couldn’t just have entries show up arbitrarily in the timeline (using record or the event editor) or in any of the other tracks (as two examples), but tempo events are organized so much better in a tempo track.

A Chord Track could’ve evolved into so much more. For example used as a “master” key track for the arrangement to help facilitate faster processing inside tools and editors since key/chord would’ve been known at any one spot (if used, of course).

Anyways, that was my two cents on the Chord Track.

Oh, And to answer if the Atari version had this, I do not remember, since it was so long ago, sorry. But I was using the original Steinberg software on it, had a blue binder in a binder “case”, I do recall THAT, lol. Also, my very first Atari computer had no hard disk (floppy only)!!! :smiley:

Well there is the MIDI “chorder” plug in but maybe there is hope since according to DaDa there are now triplets in the key editor which is encouraging.

I know that Cubase can put chord symbols and guitar tab, what i don’t know is if Cubase can automatically insert chords symbols in score layout from recognized chords like Logic do.

Hello guys,

The chord track is definitely in our feature request list. :slight_smile:

Sweet! Thanks a lot for the reply and confirmation that guys at Steinberg are at least aware and are looking into this current omission in Cubase.

It’s incredibly easy to learn music theory. Just learn the American way where the chords are numbered (with Roman numerals I - VI - VI etc ). Any good songwriting book and many resources online.
Much easier than asking a dumb computer to do it for you. More rewarding and less effort than two years programming it only for the ones who don’t know how music works to pull it apart like “experts” and tell the programmer where he went wrong. :wink:

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