Cubase 7.0.2 - More bugs... Now what?

I’ve just installed the latest update, only to find 2 major problems with this new release that were NOT present in 7.0.1:

  1. The mixer solo shortcut no longer works - AGAIN.
    After opening channel settings, the solo keyb. shortcut (S) no longer works. What did you do, Steinberg??
    This was fixed in 7.0.1 :unamused:

  2. The “Select an Output” on the channel setting no longer offers a selection of outputs, but offers only the current output and sends. What’s the point in that??

So, just when I though cubase 7 finally worked as it should, Steinberg releases 7.0.2 and introduces more bugs… brilliant :frowning:
If I’m missing something, please, someone enlighten me… Otherwise I’ll have to go through the tedious procedure of downgrading cubase 7.0.2 to 7.0.1, which is a time consuming process, to say the least.


Post a thread in the “Issues” sub-forum, one issue per post (you can refer back to this thread).

To assign solo to a key, go to KEY COMMANDS, under EDIT select SOLO and assign “S” to it.

The outputs available are determined by the outputs you have defined in the VST Connections - OUTPUTS, maybe your outputs aren’t enabled here.

Maybe some preferences got reset when you upgraded.

The only thing I found when I went to 7.02, was my colour settings preferences went back to default.

I also noticed that some of my colors went back to default. Perhaps, other things also got reset?

Thanks! That explains it :frowning:

This particular one is very frustrating!! I’ve created an issue report for it (including replication instructions) here:

And there’s a more lively discussion on it here:

Thanks. I was hoping someone else noticed the bug. That still leaves the mixer solo keyboard shortcut, which no longer seems to work…again.