Cubase 7.0.5 discussion

All seems to be working well here :slight_smile:

Thanks. But… Why is the font for Mix Console track name so HUGE. It only displays 5 characters before truncation. It’s impossible to make any sense of any names.

Amp Rack tuner still below par.


Thanks Helge!

very nice. Thnx

+1. Also the mono stereo wording still there. That part of the mixer looks worse with each update.

I agree that’s gaudy. It seems to me that a graphic would look better for the stereo/mono words

The characters will be replaced by graphic Icons in 7.0.6.

Good to hear. And hopefully a smaller font for the track name :wink:

Otherwise, fantastic :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Mr Cubaseman
I’m on an iMac running in 2560x1440 so I don’t mind the larger font so much.
Also ,I CAN see if a track is stereo or mono, it’s right there at the bottom,in english not sure what the other guy was talking about.

I’m a little unsure about the changes to the Insert box with the fading in and out icons but I shall see how that goes.
I still think the power icon should turn OFF the plugin and not just bypass it because I can never remember if I need to hold the CMD key, Opton, Control or Shift to turn it off :slight_smile:

People seem to get very passionate about the mixer these days.
I think it’s a very important part of cubase now , almost the face of Cubase and worthy of alot of attention.

Thanks for the update everyone at Steinberg! :smiley:


I agree with Mr Helstrip 100% :slight_smile:

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"should TURN OFF the Plugin!"

I hate it to use some key commands for this…


I agree 67% with Mr Mrhehon and 38% with Mrhehon+Steve Helstrip (together) :wink:

Steve Helstrip, can you please post a picture of how the fonts look on your monitor ?

It’s the small things who are the biggest workflow killers…

Thanks Helge - Groovy, I delayed my surf trip to check it out before I split ha ha! :sunglasses:

So I avoid installing 7.0.5 till it will be implemented…
Why is this so hard to make fonts in console to be controlled by end user? There are still a lot of users that working on displays with 1680x1050 / 1920x1080. :cry:

Check your math. That’s 105%, not 100%.

Thank you Steinberg. Will check it out later when I get to the studio.

Hmm… maybe a Mac v Windows thing…?

Here, all is really good and readable, nothing HUGE; I count 5 characters room (width) at narrowest setting, but I like the size (width) just when the numbers begin to display in EQ section of Rack - gives me about 10 characters.

BUT, the new truncation algorithm from the Inserts slots should be brought in to play here too, in my view. The ‘…’ is such waste of space, that conveys nothing of use from a glance…

Naa… I agree 67% with Mr Mrhehon and 38% with Mrhehon+Steve Helstrip (together)
If I agree 27% with Steve Helstrip that’s 38/100 x ((67+27)/100) which is 35.72% (with both) :mrgreen: