Cubase 7.06. Promising!

Important announcement. The description of the bug fixes and enhancements is finally substantial. Promising! However, I am with Cubase since January (I used Pro Tools and I changed for the advanced midi functions of Cubase) and I love it more and more this DAW. Despite some annoying flaws, it is a wonder and must congratulate the team of Steinberg, current and past. But when will we see a track markers and track tempo in the key editor? These tracks are not only useful for audio, right? :wink:

Of course you need your own thread, but there is a 7.06 thread here already…

Markers, tempo and more importantly Time Signature in the key editor would be a major enhancement but first i believe it makes greatest sense to allow range tools to function in this domain. Please make a Feature Request so users can respond.


I have already registered queries and Steinberg said it was a good idea. But I am surprised that after all this time (7 versions !), users work without tempo rules and without markers in the midi editors. With multiple tool that transforms according to the cursor position on the clip, it’s the only thing I regret in Pro-tools.

i regret losing from Pro-Tools the ability to have a different quantize setting for the Track view to the Editor view. It makes sense for the quantize setting to be different for these two but every damn time i go to move a track part…quantize is bloody set to 16ths (left over from an Editor adjustment)

perpetually frustrating

You are right. However, in the preferences, you can choose not to link the editors … but it does not work for the quantize. There are still many other good points in Pro-tools, but my consideration is global. But there are things that upset. Cubase is not in the keyboard editor, multiple view tracks including multiple views, in stages, controllers of each track. But when it comes to quantifying, Pro-Tools is ridiculous, with its small drop-down menu, as if this feature was not common. Etc, etc…

Any good FR always must be well considered, and in this case I think the starting point would be inclusion of Range Tool functionality in the editors.

The problem there is, the Drum Map, which is based on XML; would likely require specific programming for consistent access to the function.

What do you think?

Interestingly, although I know very little drums (sacrilege), except the VSL (drums jazz what a sound!). What gives more than Cubase Daw about it? Ableton?

hi cm,

I was saying that prior to your FR’s becoming a reality, does it not make sense to ensure that range tools are at least available in the Key Editor, notwithstanding the drum editor page?

not really, they are separate requests. These are all independent features that I would gladly have…

  1. Separate Quantize grid value for each editor window
  2. Markers/Cycles displayed in all editor windows
  3. A Tempo Track lane with Key sigs visible/editable similar to how the info line is displayed.

The drum map being an XML file would have no bearing on range select. It has the position of the note name to IN/OUT set up. The range select is associated with the notes on the grid, which have nothing to do with what is in the XML file. Having the range tool work uniformly between editors would be nice though, even if it does different things in each.

I think that Yes. But I hesitate. I do not quite know these techniques. Sorry.

In terms of MIDI composition, range tools allow you to select material between specific bars and copy, delete or insert time.

Which you can do right now with the select tool.


I don’t believe this is possible within the key editor from the menu commands but if there is another way…

menu no … but range is a tool not a menu also. So, you use the select tool like you would the range tool in the key editor. It’s not exactly the same … but very similar in functionality. In some ways it makes more sense than using range select because of the extra context of Expression and CCs that don’t apply to audio range selection.

Select tool is NOT like the range tool at all.
I’ve been missing the range tool both in the key editor and the drum editor for years… :frowning:
…would make it MUCH easier to work in the editors.
…and if there was away to split all midi notes in the key editor into 16’s or 8’s I would be more than happy :smiley:

In the Key editor it is close … you select a box and you can cut/paste/insert/stretch/modify/etc… just the selection … think of it as painting the length of what you want to work with, which exactly what the range tool does. It is just in the context of MIDI data.

If you “select a box” as you say, only the content of the box is selected.
This means that if you duplicate the selected, events are glued adjacent to the end of the last midi note,
NOT duplicated on the same placement as what you copied…in the drum editor this is a plain silly way of duplicating and extending say a hat pattern.

dude, that’s what range selection does … it doesn’t go outside the range you select.

This means that if you duplicate the selected, events are glued adjacent to the end of the last midi note,
NOT duplicated on the same placement as what you copied…in the drum editor this is a plain silly way of duplicating and extending say a hat pattern.

On the drum editor, yes this is goofy. But, with regular MIDI data, it does NOT glue to adjacent. It can go to where the cursor is by option, which IS close to the action the range gives you for audio.

Again, I’m not saying the range tool wouldn’t be nice, I’m saying you can already get a lot of the same functionality and that a lot of other MIDI Editor updates would be more to my liking before they got to this.