Cubase 7.5 Grace period link didn't show up for me

I activated my product (Cubase7) on Oct 18. When I tried to update to Cubase 7.5 using direction for Grace period on steinberg site, but It didn’t work, the download link didn’t show up after Maintenance.
Please help!! I already tried for the whole day

Did you try running maintenance in the licenser app?

Yes! i did run it!, after running it, the cubase just change to cubase 7.5, but it didnt give me the download link

Aloha guys,

Second time I have read about this.
(scroll down)

Scott Lee posted:

Steinberg forgot to give an option for an upgrade link to the folks that qualified for a free upgrade. Nothing in the mail, no link to trigger it. So its a full install or nothing.
I backed up the system and did the full… It seems ok so far.
Some official word would be appreciated in the matter. Also I take it the extra content was included in the 6 gig version? Something about a trip library?


Yah!! The thing that, the download link doesn’t even show up! Maybe I’m unlucky

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here is the link to the grace period site: