Cubase 7 and BCF2000

Hi -

With all the changes to the Cubase 7 mixer, would it be expected that the Cubase template (Mackie Control) will be a bit lost and not work as well as in previous Cubase versions?

Thanks for any thoughts!

I’m actually curious about the same thing, but concerning the Houston.
Guess I’ll find out next week…

I do not think users using a expensive unit like the Mackie control would be very pleased if their unit would be not longer supported. I cannot imagine it would be not longer the case, because a lot of professional environments use this units. And do not forget - the BCF2000 works in a a Mackie emulation, so Cubase “sees” just another Mackie unit.

I also use the BCF2000 with Cubase 6.5, and would certainly not upgrade to Cubase 7 if this unit did not longer work. However - I am certain Steinberg would not abandon important hardware like the Mackie units.

It is however possible the new Remote Control Editor has no Mackie control template, so you have to configure/setup that yourself. Reading the text tells me: “Supporting many hardware remote controllers right out of the box”, so I think it is still possible the Mackie (and so - BCF2000) units are also supported. It would be a bit strange if Mackie was not amongst the " many hardware remote controllers".

It would be nice to see some conformation however…

I was actually thinking in the other direction. Will the new features be available on the old controllers?

I have been testing the BCF2000 on C7A, and it appears to work great! The EQ, send, and insert modes all function as expected. The only glitch so far is the F keys (via shift); they do not control, for example, the transport (F2). I haven’t found anything else that doesn’t work yet.


I had missed this reply, on balance that’s great news!

Curious why the function keys don’t translate over well, I’m sure there’s a good reason soemwhere deep in the code (like a conflict or something). Either way - can’t complain!

Has anyone tried combining the BCF and the BCF? Thinking about utilising the BCR on the VSTi and the BCF for general mixing duty…

There’s this issue…

Not so sure about those ‘issues’ I have the 2 working happily…touch wood… :stuck_out_tongue:
BCF = main mixer
BCR = quick controller

I have had weird problems with the BCF 2000 for quite a while. Some time ago it worked perfectly with Cubase 5. Now it crashes CB5 100% exactly when opening a project and it tries to load instruments. Before opening a project it seems fine, the faders are resettet to zero.
In CB 7 nothing happens, neither are the faders resetted when opening CB nor does it crash when opening a project. All neccessary settings in devices and midi for the BCF are identical. Other than that CB7 works stable and well.

Sounds like you should re-install the driver?

I have an Icon icontrols pro in ‘Mackie control’ mode all is right and works.
Even if a little issue is already known : when you hide tracks they are still activated in the controller …
I think this issue will be corrected in the next release.

I just use the basic functions of BCF 2000, such as volume, pan, mute, solo and transport. Looks like they work fine in C7.

You were absolutely right! I had not expected this as I installed the same driver (from 2009) at least twice on this computer. The funny thing, the driver that was there and obviously malfunctioning was by Microsoft (very weird) and it even displayed a correct looking name BCF 2000 (not B-Control), dated November 11, 2010.
Anyway installing the old driver again solved the problem. At least it works one way: when I move faders in the software, the devices faders move but not the other way round…
You saved my day quite a bit!

At least it works one way: when I move faders in the software, the devices faders move but not the other way round…
You saved my day quite a bit!

No problem - have you assigned the controller midi port to both input and output within the device settings?

Hey guys!
I used two BCF with Logic and Cubase for a long time now.
I recently upgraded to Cubase 7.5 and something isn’t working.
The Preset left/right buttons switch the channels, but not the banks.
With Cubase 6.5 it works perfectly fine, I can jump 8 channels with one button.

any ideas?

BCF is running in Mackie Control mode, System OS X 10.6

another thing I was wondering:
Is it possible to programm Cubase that the Controller “follows” the channel selection? That would be a HUUUGE improvement for me!

thx for your help!


Thx a bunch! I’ll try that!
I didn’t know the Expression MCU, that’s why I found nothing solving my issue!

Yes, no worries.

Hi, I am having some problems with Cubase 7.5 and BCF2000.
Many things are working well, but some things are not (annoyingly!).
Have I missed something?
I am running Cubase 7.5 Artist on Win7-64-bit. I am using the following firmware recently downloaded from Behringer site: bcf2000_1-10.syx.
Is this firmware correct?

So, the problems:

  1. The top right and bottom right Encoder keys do not scroll through pages as expected, instead they change functions to Routing select (top right key) and Send FX volume control (bottom right key) (as seen in BCFview and seen in the Cubase file being worked on).

  2. In Edit mode, encoder knobs 1-4 and knob 6 control relevant channel pans as expected. However, knob 5 controls channel 5 pan (as expected), but also turns Loop function (Transport bar) on and off. Knob 7 moves channel 7 pan but also triggers fast fwd, and knob 8 controls channel 8 pan but also triggers fast reverse.

  3. There seems to be some stability issues using MIDI/Instrument tracks. Sometimes (not always) when wanting to control those tracks with the BCF2000, things ‘flip out’ and all of a sudden BCF faders are controlling panning rather than volume.

I have spent the past 2 hours scouring the BCF2000 postings on this forum and not found what my issues might be due to.

Any suggestions?