Cubase 7: Fast-Forward / Rewind not working

Hi. I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 7.03 and all is working well except I can’t get it to fast-forward or rewind! I can readily believe I may have altered a setting that has caused this, but I can’t seem to find it. When I select either function, the corrresponding button lights up but nothing happens. It doesn’t matter whether I open an existing project or use one of the default templates. I also uninstalled and re-installed the program but nothing changed. Any help in this would be much appreciated.

Try trashing your ‘User Settings Data Folder’, then restart Cubase.

Many thanks for that. I will try that but I can’t seem to find the folder you specify. Please could you tell me where it is? Dave.

Using Windows 7? Start-All Programs-Steinberg Cubase 7-User Settings Data Folder

It worked! Thank you so much for your help! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hello !

Have the same problem on Cubase 6
Didn’t find the folder to trash, maybe its different in Cubase 6.
Please help…

It is different in Cubase 6.

Post #3 in linked thread will show you the way Zevikh. :slight_smile: