Cubase 8.0.10 - mixer width restores incorrectly

Mixer width is not remembered in Cubase 8.0.10 - iMac late 2013 OSX 10.9.5

  1. Start Cubase
  2. Open any project
  3. Open mixer using F3 several times.
  4. Result - mixer width minimizes

I have same issue but only when switching between workspaces.

Confirmed here on OSX 10.10

Could any of you verify if it matters which mixer you are using? 1,2, or 3?

I’m on Windows 7-64 Cubase 8.0.10 64 bit. I use 4 video monitors, and all mixers 1,2, and 3 are on “windows full screen.” Mixers 1 and 2 work fine when switching between workspaces, but mixer 3 always compresses the mixer tracks.

I should probably make my own Windows 7 issue report, but want to check with other users first to see if they are experiencing the same issue.

Mixer 1 does not restore correctly here, but only only when switching from a workspace which uses 1, 2 and 3. So, I avoid workspaces now and have assigned KC to view different mixer configs.

Windows 8.1 64BIT, working with 4 monitors tried using Cubase 8.0, 8.05 and 8.010 similar problem

I can’t “lock” a mixer on one of the screens, neither the main project window - in other words, if I press on F3 to open my main mixer and I drag it from my main monitor to a different monitor, once I press on F3 to hide for a moment, and then press F3 to show it again, it jumps back to my main screen, now since I work with all 3 mixers, it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to work, since I need to re-arrange the windows after every single time that I show/hide a mixer or just open a project.

also, I can’t put any of the mixer to work in a “full screen” mode, as I used with Cubase 7.5

I already purchased Cubase 8 couple months ago now, but can’t work with it, I wrote to Steinberg support about this at the day Cubase 8 was released, and they said that they will work on it. In the meantime, it’s useless, disappointing and I went back working with 7.5 in the meantime…

Might be a use-case here, that they haven’t considered yet Steve. It could be helpful to them if you were to provide a little more detail about your workspaces and what’s failing/expected, when you have time…

Just saying…

I can’t express what I feel about this new mixer. Will take them 3-4 major cycles to get it right IMO.

What windows type of window handling scheme/guidelines is it following? It just feels “odd”.

In Win7 x64 everything is fine.All 3 mixers and settings

Got the same problem. This has bin an issue sins cubase 7

iMac, osx 10.10.3

I have this problem when moving between workspaces. However, mix consoles 2 and 3 work as they should. Only seems a problem with mix console 1

Windows 7 sp1 64 bit. C8.0.10 64 bit

What is the specific problem?

For me it’s mix console 3. Switching between workspaces and all the mixer tracks become a bit more compressed.

I’m assuming you have done a mix console reset?
Hold down the Alt key & from the arrow drop down at top right of MC select “Reset Mixconsole Window”.

I have yes thanks. The problem only seems to exist when I have the window maximised on my second monitor. When it’s not maxed or if I have the mix window on my main monitor, it’s fine. Also, I was wrong about the other mix consoles. The problem happens on any of them.

Basically, if I set my mixer to display say 23 channels. As I flick through my workspaces and back to the original one, the mixer gradually becomes larger and larger until only 8 or 9 channels are displayed.

Okay that is different than my problem. Your is getting bigger…mine smaller.

I use 4 video monitors, 3 of them dedicated to the 3 mix consoles in Windows Maximized view. My default channel width for all mix console windows is set to 14.

When I switch workspaces the channel width in mix console 3 gets smaller. It shows 13. Then if I switch worksapces again it gets smaller showing 12 etc. Every time I switch it keeps shrinking up to a point where the channel widths are very slim and then stops shrinking.

Hold down the Alt key & from the arrow drop down at top right of MC select “Reset Mixconsole Window” has no effect after creating new work spaces.

All sorts of problems with workspaces:

  1. doesn’t remember on which screen a window was saved in a multi-monitor setup — windows just end up stacked on the main screen when switching workspaces
  2. keeps stretching channel settings pane to full width on switching workspaces; there’s a painful fiddly workaround but who wants that?
  3. zoom setting on mixer not recalled correctly…

It’s a mess unfortunately. Workspaces are redundant until they actually work!

The same here on Yosemite 10.10.4 with Cubase 8.0.20

Every 3-4 pressing F3 the mixer restores incorrectly. Driving me nuts. I’m not working with Work Spaces.

  • installed Cubase 8 from scratch, without importing preferences from 7.5
  • deleted preferences
  • reset mixer settings several times

Nothing helps.

Same here both huge and small on Cubase 8.0.30

Was this bug fixed in cu 8.5?

Anybody? Was this fixed in 8.5? Not going to buy update until they fix it.