Cubase 8.0.3 - Left Right Locators Not Following Mouse


A long standing issue with Cubase 8 from initial introduction to it being superseded by 8.5 is that the locators do not react to the mouse properly.

The issue is that when you click and drag the locator and the mouse goes down under the timeline, the mouse will no longer be placed on the locator. In essence, a 2cm movement of the mouse horizontally across a screen will equal less than 2cm of horizontal movement of the locator. This makes it impossible to set the locator in the right place as there can be sometimes 4cm of screen space between the mouse and the locator.

Question 1:
Is this issue fixed in 8.5?

Question 2:
Will the issue be fixed for 8.0.3 users?



There is a dedicated area for the locators, which is highlighted, now.

The area is not the issue.

Its the fact thar the mouse and locator edge (vertical line defining left locator start for example) can very frequently move away from eachother.

Worst example I remember is the mouse having to go over the inspector in order for the Left locator to be aligned at few seconds from 0.


I couldn’t take a screenshot as it hides the mouse pointer but attached is a general image from Google image search. The pink blobs are where the mouse would often need to be in order to get the L&R locators in the position they are in


So do you have an offset of the position, where the mouse cursor is, and where the Locators are placed?

An offset which develops over time, as the mouse moves across the screen.

The initial click and drag starts in the locator as standard.

As the cursor moves down, the offset is generated.

In Cubase 6, I could click and drag the locator, and move the mouse pointer down to a certain track so I could line the locator with a specific part of a waveform.

In C8, moving the cursor down the screen causes misalignment.

Sounds like it’s related to this “feature”.

In Pro 8+, the mouse pointer no longer locks to the timeline when zooming down from the ruler. This continues to be the biggest headache for me.

Thank you for your post.

That behavior as shown by a posters video in the thread you linked to is quite similar to what I experience when trying to adjust locators and have the mouse move down the screen.

No fix shown in that thread and a report that it wasn’t fixed in C8.5.

I’ve been pushed to a move to Reaper or back to C6.5 due to these quality control errors from Steinberg. I was really hoping for a fix :frowning:

In the thread I was told that this new behavior is possibly a feature and was banished to the “issues/suggestions” forum, which I still can’t understand. It’s really become a major PITA with editing having to do more clicking and mouse maneuvering/locating and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been addressed in the last year and 3 updates.

Well hopefully Steinberg can give an insight into this. They do not man their Twitter for support, so asking them any questions there won’t get a response but hopefully there will be something here soon.

Still an issue as of v9.5.1

Also, most of the time, zoom continues to not take effect until I’ve dragged half way down the page from the ruler. Would love to see this snappier.

BTW, CB 9.5 is working great on my older mid-2010 Mac Pro at 10.10.5.