Cubase 8.0.30

Hi everyone, I see on the link below that there is a new version of cubase but I can’t find it anywhere.

Where is the download link for this?
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.13.38 PM.png

Probably coming very soon then…

Hmm, Windows 10 still not supported?

This list doesn’t mention the MIDI jitter issue that Guillermo said was going to be fixed in this version. I assume the list is incomplete.

I don’t think they’ll need to update for w10 support…Microsoft have said they fixed it at their end already and Steinberg will simply announce it’s compatible once they are satisfied with testing.

Its out!

Save you looking.

CB 8.0.30 downloaded, installed and my (4) current projects open and seem to be working good. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Would you do a very quick test for me please prock…? I can’t install and check myself yet; right in the middle of an album project, which I am not going to upset any til its done… :slight_smile:

Follow these quick steps:-
1. Open MIDI Key Editor
2. Select a MIDI note and drag to a new note position
3. The info tool tip that shows the relative position information when you move the note is an unreadable white box unless it moves over an existing note

Is the floating tooltip, still showing as white text on a white background box…?


PS:- this was due for fixing, (BON-4943 - a graphical glitch that manifests throughout the program) but is not listed in the Version History - so I’m not hopeful; but sometimes things do get addressed, but are just not listed there…

Looks like it is working for me.

The fix list looks underwhelminly short :frowning:

Probably too busy with 8.5

Have to say I agree. The big things that many of us waiting for are conspicuous by their absence eg the re-activing instrument track bugs - and we’re 9 months after 8.0. They claim to have fixed some of the window handling at least.

Great…! You mean you can read the tooltip perfectly ok, yes…? Hopefully, this should now work throughout… the Sample Editor, when moving hitpoint markers in Freewarp for example… :slight_smile:

Thank you Rommelaar for responding. :slight_smile:

Agreed - though it looks like an emphasis on stability problems; always good. It also reads like an average of only about 8 ‘fixes’ per month, since the last update (8.0.20 on 04 June). It has to be as someone else said, they’re also very busy on 8.5…

Or on Nuendo/Nuage, or driver compatibility for all the hardware (Win10 stuff), or all the VSTi’s, or all the different language supports, or 32 versus 64bit editions, or MAC versus Win editions, or a new version of Sequel… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I tested it, it’s fixed!

I am testing the “missing midi ports” “missing expression maps” on deactivated tracks after saving closing and opening.

I am getting good results, can you test it to see if they have fixed it?

Very short.

However, several posts above are reporting fixes that are not mentioned in that list. So I would suggest that, instead of worrying about the list, those of us who experienced problems test our setups to see if our complaints were addressed by this update.

I am curious why the update has not been officially announced yet…