Cubase 8.0.30

Maybe Steinberg are worried that this update might be seen as the go-ahead for folks to upgrade to Windows 10 before testing is complete?

Same thing happened with the most recent Wavelab update…took a while before it was posted “officially”.

Running fine here (Windows 10 Pro 64 bits)

Well, it was announced officially but, for some reason, not posted as usual in this Forum (and, also strangely, the web link says 8020, although the news then refers to 8.0.30):

I did the 8.0.30 update this morning and did extensive audio recording and mixing. I recorded 78 audio tracks with 8 midi tracks and did not experience any issues.

No issues here, really wish they would change the render behaviour for multi out VST back to 8.0.2 behaviour.

Mixer always-on-top -> elephant in the room?

It COULD be my imagination, but It seems like the ASIO Guard performance has been improved a bit.

They mention something about improving it for “dual CPU” systems which I am not using - but, still.

Also got hopeful and removed the “No Graphics Acceleration for Cubase 8” registry hack.

Nope. Got a lot more spiky.
So whatever that is it’s still an issue on my system.
Could be that I’m using W7 and I understand Graphics Handling has changed a bit in 8 and 10 and perhaps Steinberg is aiming there . . . whatever.


PS They DID fix the crazy ass SMPTE and B&B readout on my MCU controller. Small things count.

Nice. Installed 8.0.3, all my plugins have now become unregistered and a few VSTs lost their settings.

Still have to use this awful global menu bar. And yeah, where is the mixers “always on top” option? My biggest obstacle in making music should be my relative lack of skill, not the damn software!

Strange behaviour. Can you tell us your system specs?

Bob, I’m sorry I was not able to check this for you. I certainly would have but right after I posted I was called away from my PC for a family situation. I’m actually still there. Hope you got it checked by someone. Again… Sorry.

Regards. :sunglasses:

i7 2600k, 24GB memory, Windows 7 (x64) and Windows 10 (x64) (same behavior on both machines). Re-registering all my plugins worked, but my two bridged plugins still refuse to load their settings. Also the VSTbridge crashes repeatedly. This was not a problem in 8.0.2.

I tested right now and it is working as expected!

I cannot believe Steiny is ignoring or refusing to address this.

Very much so.

BON-5220 Score Editor: Step Input Cursor is now blue.
Oh, good…
They’re worried about cosmetics more than functionality?

Very underwhelming to say the least. I have the feeling that they only have one programmer on the bug fixes team, and he’s not even full time on it. Of course, they’re going to put more resources on 8.5, because for that they can again charge money. I am actually scared of what’s awaiting us with 8.5, seriously.

After 4 releases RIP and VCA are still not quite what they should have been in the first place.

And then there’s the smaller, annoying stuff like:
-The “Show Info Line” was appearing twice on the right mouse dropdown, one at the top one at the bottom. Now they decided to remove both of them. Is this stuff completely random, or what?
Of course the moment you toggle it on it does not check whether a track or event is selected, so it just appears blank. Not a show-stopper but embarrassingly easy to fix, just as easy as the blue step input cursor above.

  • I am still getting the annoying “Remove tracks that cannot be connected” dialog for disabled instrument tracks if their output channels have non default names.

  • Talking about names, if I double click on a track name in the mixer the font becomes half the size until I hit enter. There’s been so many issues around this ui stuff, I cannot believe we’re still seeing these.

  • Panning in the mixer with the middle mouse button still does not work.

  • G/H keys still only work on the active window, ignoring the window under the cursor.

  • The little info line we’re getting when interacting with midi events is again readable, hurray! A lot more sluggish too though and I really, really wonder why, when all they had to change was the color of the font.

  • Overall the whole ui took a little performance hit, starting with the time it takes a vst to appear on screen. This is random though, and it changes from virtually no time to almost 2 seconds.

  • ASIO-Guard still makes things worse. Not a lot (I am one of the lucky ones, as I am not getting any spikes) but it definitely does not improve anything, on the contrary

This is just after about 2 hours of playing with it.

I can see that too. They have changed the display format for mackie remotes. Nothing about that in the notes but they have not fixed the issue about the display of primary time format.

I reckon they’re saving the Windows 10 compatible thing to ensure more sales or upgrades re 8.5

It’s explained here :

Hey… no, that’s fine; no need to apologise…! :slight_smile: I was just being a bit selfish and jumped in like an excited kid, wanting to know about MY concerns in this new update…!

Thanks for getting back; you’ll see others have responded in the meantime, confirming for me that the issue is fixed - so all’s good…!

Best to you,

Thank you for checking for me Makumbaria…! All good… :slight_smile:


8.0.30 installation went OK.
Crossing fingers, I really hope the “invalid project file” issue is gone with this update.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed much larger lag when resizing MIDI notes in the key editor. While dragging the tail of a note, it takes several moments before the note is updated. With 8.0.20 (or any prior versions), I didn’t notice such a lag. Anyone seeing this?