Cubase 8.5.15 not saving routing from rewire channels

I use cubase with Reason 8.3.2 and I’m finding when I create a couple of rewire channels and send them to a group track in Cubase when I save and open again the rewire channels are back to the default ‘Stereo out’, instead of being routed to the group track.

I’ve been through every different variation of saving and opening projects but it seems to be an issue with Cubase, as if I just open Cubase and create a couple of reason rewire channels and send them to a group track it does the same thing without Reason being opened.

I switched to Reason when they added audio recording and editing due to issues using Cubase and Reason together, but thought I’d come back and try them together again. Most things seem to work better than they did, but this is an entirely new problem which will become pretty tiresome if I’m working on tracks with a lot of synths.

See other thread ‘Rewire Losing Group Channel Assignments’

timmyj refers to this one, now moved to ‘Collected’:

Ref. [BON-16906]

Yes, but have it been fixed with 9.0?

Is this still an issue? I’ve just redownloaded 8.5.20, which appears to now have a different date of June 2016 as opposed to April 2016 when I initially updated.

Still getting the issue of the rewire channels not saving the routing, and to be honest this is pretty poor =/

There seems to be a number of issues with Cubase and Rewire. Cubase can’t correctly record virtual MIDI via IAC ports when in rewire mode either.

This is fixed in Cubase 9.0.0, but not yet in 8.5. Fix tested, coming in version 8.5.30.