Cubase 8.5.20

hello ! Does anyone know when the next update of cubase8.5 comes out ?

It could be delayed if they want the Quicktime replacement to be part of the next update.
8.5.15 is running well with no show stoppers for me, so far.

Hello thanks for replying. Well i have many unexpected crashes and very laggy graphics for zoom in and out also very laggy eq analyzer and channel levels. I use el capitan 10,11,4. Running cubase 8.5.15.
All this happens to an imac 27 late 2015 i74.0ghz and r9 395.

HI Dynamis,

I too have very laggy el captain graphics with cubase 8.5 (Zooming, eq, etc) You aren’t alone.I hope steinberg does something about the very sluggish gui, where other daws run very smooth. Audio engine is fine, GUI tanks.

Lets hope will see something for 8.5.20


Everything pretty much ok here apart from laggy graphics…

I agree 100%, sounds like we are running the same system exactly. Feeling strongly that Steinberg needs to address the graphics issue and crashes pronto.

Yes! audio engine working out fine, the GUI is really underwhelming in its current state. Very slow and sluggish. It really puts a damper on production.

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I agree, the GUI is very sluggish here as well, zooming and moving parts are the worst for me.

Mac Pro 3.33 ghz 6 core, El Capitan

Gui lag over here too. Moving events and zooming also lag

I am on PC, no lag
That makes me think the problem is already found, and I hope addressed in the next update.

I’m also hoping they fix this. I went back to Cubase 8.5 just because of how bad the GUI is in 8.5.15


As I reported in “Issues”, I’m seeing lots of lag in the metering and EQ animations.

So another +1 to update the GUI for 8.5 on El Capitan.

No lag issues on pc.
I suspect the issue is with the Mac operating system as many people on gearslutz etc are reporting bad graphical performance with other apps and apple stuff.

I’m on PC and getting lag.

Me too on 8.5.15 (and all previous versions since 7.5.40). I got the same motherboard as you, so maybe thats the culprit since others report no lag. I did install the latest update of 8.0 (8.0.40) and that took care of most of the lag issues I had, so hopefully they have solved it and it will be a lag-free 8.5.20 :slight_smile:

Yes I would also suspect this is a el captain OS X issue for 8.5.15. Really underwhelming until we get some better graphical acceleration for the next iteration of cubase.


I’m on El Capitan and everything is very slick and responsive. I am using NVidia’s web drivers. Perhaps this has something to do with it?

The only bug that annoys me is when you duplicate an instrument track, more often than not the tracks become linked, so if I mute the original, the duplicated version is muted also. Otherwise nothing to complain about.

I notice lag when tootltips are on or when the crosshairs are in use. I’ve got a nvidia card - I think I read somewhere that there is an issue with nvidia cards - something to do with the way the UI in C8 utilises h/w acceleration??

Hi Steve,

I also am using the nvidia web drivers with a Nvidia 980Ti but alas have tremendous gui lag.How does your native apple machines work like the macbook pro on cubase besides the hackintosh? Im curious if this issue can be tracked down somehow from your success.

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No problems with my Macbook Pro. It’s not as snappy, but I wouldn’t say laggy either.