Cubase 8.5 as Administrator ?

Hi guys and happy new year.
I finally decided to install Windows 10 from 7 and I’m still in the process of reinstalling all my plugins and stuff but I’m having a quite annoying problem/dilemma here.
My problem is that some plugins and also JBridge require me to run Cubase (Pro 8.5) as Administrator, but if I do so, I found that I cannot drag/drop audio files in the sequencer (which I do very often as I find it way quicker than use Mediabay).
Is there anyone who encountered the same problem and knows how to solve it ?

My upgrade went smooth… Did you install all the up-to-date drivers already? Your GPU for example… or all Win10 upgrades…

I only had to run eLicenser as Admin though, as I do not have such plugs or Jbridge running on my system.

I hope someone else had something similar and will share his thoughts with you.

Good luck!

There is a workaround here…but I’m not sure what effect this has on security if you’re online.

Ok thank you guys !