Cubase 8.5 transit vst not working

Hi just tried to log in to the new transit in cubase 8.5 but it will not let me add an email or @ sign .also could not sign in to steinberg shop .Wonder if there related?

If you click on the VST Transit logo on the below right area, which version does it say it is?
Could you make sure that you are online and restart Cubase and VST Transit and see if the problem persits?

When you startup VST Transit it should automatically update and be at or above version 1.0.20.
Is this the case?

“Unknown username or password”
No problems logging in to my MySteinberg account though.
VST Transit version 1.0.22

From Here:

Log-in trouble shooting

If you have trouble logging into VST Transit but you are sure that your password is correct these workarounds might help.
Your MySteinberg account was created before 2013

Please use your MySteinberg user name instead of your email address in the “MySteinberg E-Mail” field.
Your password contains special characters

If your MySteinberg password contains the characters “§”, “%” or “+” please change it to a new password which doesn’t contain any of them.

It was a special character in my password.
Thanks :smiley:

Similar problem here - I log in ok using my username and password then get a second screen that says “New to VST Transit” at the top, a box that says “Choose your VST Transit User Name”, and there’s a box at the bottom that says “Server format error”.

Password is letters and digits so no invalid characters in it. Version is 1.0.22


Ignore the error message and just provide a user name as suggested. Usually, your mySteinberg login is your email address and password; VST Transit requires an additional user name, for instance for others to find you and to find files and folders for your data.

Same issue, i don’t feel alone anymore … :laughing:

Issue with email and @ sign, even with copy paste method … and i don’t remember i had a username on my account , is it my elicencer name of forom username ? :mrgreen:

For the VST Transit username, do not use your email adress or the like. Invent a new name, it should be well recognizable so no special characters (some like @ are disallowed anyways).

And where exactly do you chose a VST Transit username? I find nowhere to submit this on my MySteinberg account…

Clicking “Create MySteinberg Account Here” brings me to steinbergs web front page.

It downloads the latest version when I open VST Transit and the latest version is presented as 1.0.0

This looks completely untested to me and I realize I’m betatesting functionality I paid for. Not a good feeling.

The VST Transit user name is to be set exactly once when you login to VST Transit for the first time. So when your mySteinberg credentials are accepted and you have registered Cubase 8.5 with your mySteinberg account, the very first time you will be asked for a VST Transit user name. This is not registered with mySteinberg , it is the user name for VST Transit under which you can be found by other users, so you should provide a new, meaningful name here. It does not relate to the mySteinberg account or the mySteinberg email or user name, but solely to the VST Transit membership. As said, you will provide your username only once ever, and it can not be changed thereafter.

Thank you, here is why I find your answer puzzling.

How do I login to VST Transit before I have a username when it does not allow me to use my email adress? …the “MySteinberg Email” can’t be used since ‘@’ signs can’t be entered into the MySteinberg Email field as a login name, my email unfortunately, like many others, contains an ‘@’ sign.

I also find it confusing that it downloads and runs VST Transit version 1.0.0 when others here talk about newer patch versions of the software. Perhaps there was a bug in version 1.0.0 that does not accept an ‘@’ sign, and it has been fixed since, but I can’t tell since this is the version my registered cubase 8.5 keeps downloading and running when I start VST Transit.

Sorry I don’t get you either.
When you start VST Transit, a page should appear “Log in to VST Transit”. The top field is “MySteinberg E-Mail”, right? You can enter a @ charcater there, all else would be very strange.
Then after you logged in there, and given that you have not done so yet, you will be led to a second page where you are asked to provide a user Name for VST Transit.
Did VST Transit succeed to ever download a new version? It should, and you should not cancel this (if that is possible at all). Click on the bottom right “VST Transit” text and an about box should come up. On the bottom, the version number is displayed. What does it say?
I find it particularily confusing that you say “it keeps downloading”, do you mean it attempts to download every time? If so, does it not succeed to do so? That might explain a lot, but then the question is if you messed around with the installation or why your system prevents the download to succeed because of whatever reasons. I guess there should be a message then?

It downloads VST Transit the first time I run it after starting Cubase, subsequent times it runs the downloaded version until Cubase is restarted. The download seems to work fine and then VST Tranist is started. It always runs version 1.0.0, and no, neither entering, or copy pasting an @ sign is possible. (Copy-pasting simply removes the @ and entering an @ has no effect on the content of the input box.)

I have not touched the installation, merely upgraded from 8 to 8.5. The installation was done with all the default options.


… do you see a dowload progress dialog when you are starting VST Transit?

… can you start Cubase 8.5, open the “Plugin Information” window (Cubase / Menu / Devices / Plus-In Information)? Select the tab “Program Plug-Ins”. Find “VST Transit” and check the column “Version”. What does it say?

Some more questions.
A: Sorry, I need to ask: You are connected to the Internet while you starting VST Transit?
B: Which operating System are you running?
C: Are you running a Virtual Maschine for your OS?


Yes, after cubase is started and I start VST Transit I get a download progress dialog. Takes roughly 15 seconds on my 15Mbit line to this box.

Version 1.0.5

Yes, it’s the same box I’m commenting from.

Win7 x64

Nope, just a plain Win7 box.


Thanx for your answers.

Hm. I see. Please give us a day. We will come to you very soon. Sorry for that.


Exactly the same problem here. VST transit stays atversion 1.0.0 despite there is a update dialog.
It is not possible to enter an “@” within the My Srteinberg email field. Capital letters also don`t work
System is Win10 64bit

Sure, let me know when you fixed it and I’ll give it a try.


Can you please the latest installert?

Windows 32 Installer
Windows 64 Installer

If the installers claims that the latest Version already is installed, just uninstall it first, then try to install it again.

The “@” Symbol sill does not work? Please drop me a mail : m.spork (@)