Cubase 8.5 - what is your impression ?


Anybody here running Cubase 8.5 without issues yet ?

Can’t install it.

I get an error about Explorer (Feature_Browser_Emulation)
Then it rolls back and a 1603 error shows up.
Found out this was a reg issue
I went into the reg and had to change permissions on it… afterwards it installed

8.5 error.jpg

That’s a permission registry error with your Windows setup not a Steinberg issue. I am guessing you like to play with your registry…

Yep… I found out after searching and changing a few things…

thanx tho :wink:

The pencil/scissor tool GUI stutter wasnt fixed in 8.5 :confused:
Back to 8.020 we go. This is really annoying. :angry:

just seen the videos and there’s a lot of goodies and new stuff in there. The ability to just hoover the mouse to the top, bottom, letf or right of the screen and get all the modifications and new windows is something that i’ve been craving for ages. And something that i saw in one of the videos, dragging from the mediabay presets directly into the lanes, importing FX and all the rest, without having to open the track Editor is also a must. But, as always, these (and a lot of other stuff) although being really nice things, came at a some “pricey” cost, even the simple upgrade. I understand and agree totally that companies must be paid for what they do, but some of the so called “news” are just plain updates that should be up and running a long time ago.
But that’s just me saying… i’m going to pay the 50 € for the upgrade and see if it’s real worth.
If not, i’ll wait for the 9.5 version to come out, and then make the update to 9.0. and then i’ll have the update to 9.5 for free… eheheheheh.
All the best to all of u my friends :wink:

…and something I’m already keen to get rid of. Does anyone know if there’s a way to do stop those annoying pop ups? Every time I go to zoom with the mouse, up it comes. I want it to go away and never come back.

I guess we all have the things that are still niggles that we’re looking to fix though, and here’s my non-exhaustive list:

ASIOguard 2 still not working correctly with VE Pro
Quick Controls not remembered after a saved disabled track is re-enabled.
No option for Record Arm for VCAs, always on for all tracks when one is clicked (this is nuts)

All issues logged within days of 8.0 coming out. Sigh… still, better in some other small ways.

That’s not quite how it works.

Working fine here - no problems so far!

… and I like what I see so far :slight_smile:

Anyone else has Maschine 2.4 installed? If you do, Can you tell me if it’s working for you?


Sad… What to expect from the promissed update on v8 end of this month…

Only been on it for about an hr transferring preferences and key commands and stuff like that. However, I did notice that if I have C8.5 open and i click on a session that was opened with C8, nothing happens. I have to go to file-open and find the file that way. In the past, it would at least attempt to open C8 but it doesn’t even do that.

I did test saving a file as a c8.5 session and tried to click on that but still nothing. I still had to use the file menu to open it. After opening the session, i made a few volume changes and added a plugin on a track, saved the file and then I was able to open it in C8 with no issues.

I love a lot of the new ideas and as soon as most of them are working, worth the 50 Euro.

It is a Little bit funny that they at one Hand (finally) allow to fix the hover-buttons (that were a real annoyance imho) and introduce NEW hovering-Function at the window-borders. Well. Not a big issue.

I am dissappointed that Multi window handling across more than one Screen is now buggier than it was in 8.0.30.
See my respective Posting.

Cheers, Ernst

I’d heard something that there have been more tweaks which VSL now have to act on, but nothing official. Communication between Steinberg and its customers on the VE Pro issue has become non-existent. I’ve opened another (4th? 5th?) issue report.

The more I think about it, the more disappointed I actually am with 8.5. It has improvements over 8.0 that are worth paying for, but the number of existing problems and missing genuinely useful features that have been requested for months if not years is pretty depressing. All that time gone into stuff like the proprietary VST cloud that I’d imagine no-one has been asking for and few will likely use at the expense of core functionality and performance is sobering.

Anyone using a Virus TI? I’m curious if it still behaves well and/or better or worse?

The update looks great for the money. I shall definitely upgrade. It’s about the same price as a takeaway. However, is this Asioguard 2 and VEPro 5 problem still not fixed? Can someone explain why is hasn’t?

Got the 1st issue fixed…
Maschine issue, had to reinstall it… works now.
VIRUS Ti is not being detected. Gonna work on this now…

Don’t understand wth is going on with all these plugin issues.

K, Rebooted, opened Control Center for the VIRUS Ti. Put it in Update mode to make sure it was being seen.
Reopened Cubase and it is there.
It even feels more responsive to midi…without the “Live” button active.


So Basically after some re-installing and fixing some odd ends…everything seems to be working pretty good.


Cubase Pro 8.5 working fine here. I really like the new stuff, and startup is much faster on my setup. Feels very “solid” and stable. Well worth the upgrade price.

quick download, seems sharper more refined, media bay will get a lot of use now, project workflow very welcome here. good workflow enhancements imo. no brainer at the price.

Installed and up and running here although some minor glitches you can read about elsewhere.
But playing old projects work and everything is in place and looks like it should.
I see a lot of … no, A LOT of small changes that’s definitely worth a small sum of money.
It’s like if I put that sum of money in my pocket to go bar hopping I tell you at least I wouldn’t have a hangover tomorrow haha. Doing this is kind of insignificant if it happens every other year?