Cubase 8 = AWESOME - but... cannot autohide task bar?

I normally have my Windows 7 taskbar set to autohide, but I have noticed that when using the maximize buttons for the arrange window, I cannot access my Windows taskbar if it is hidden. It seems to become PERMANENTLY hidden. I scroll the mouse to the bottom of the screen, but the Windows taskbar refuses to appear.

I prefer to use auto-hide to keep my Windows taskbar hidden so it doesn’t take up extra screen space, but I do like to be able to access it. This is obviously a bit of an issue. Suggestions?

Same here. I use the Win+t shortcut to get it back when I need it, which is a little bit cumbersome.

Thanks for the fix. Win+t seems to work well…

Hopefully they will fix it though so that it works like normal - just move the mouse to the bottom of the screen, and the task bar appears.

Same here.
I have locked the taskbar until this is fixed.

Same here :frowning:

Yep, same here. I have also locked the bar until 8.01 comes along…

"Please disable this taskbar option in Windows."

That’s a ‘solution’?!

It’s a temporary work-around! :laughing:

…I hope!

or just hit the WIN key once quickly, which shows your taskbar (and your start menu). From there, it still only takes 1 click to start a program on the taskbar. This is a lot easier than stretching my big ol’ wonky finger over to the “T” key while holding the WIN key.

Your taskbar will auto-hide after you’ve clicked an icon on the taskbar and move your mouse away from it, but it’ll pop up like it should when you move your mouse back down again. However, once you bring Cubase back into focus, the auto-unhide flaw returns. Just hit WIN again.

try this it cured it for me

How about ALT + TAB?
Sequence through open windows.

Yes it works too but my solution is better!

Per that post… this is how Cubase starts for me already, with the menu bar across the top and my windows desktop in the background… with the start center in the foreground. The auto-hide taskbar problem still exists with windows in maximized view.

You need to minimize the Cubase project to get to taskbar. :wink:

Yes, that is another way to describe this bug.

using freddies suggestion with my two monitor screens i have one with the project window maximised the other with the mixer maximised and my task bar pops up and autohides in the normal manner, it also works correctly here when the windows are not maximsed as well.

Maybe it’s just me, but actually I love this Task Bar noshow. :slight_smile:
I’ve been annoyed by auto-hide task bar popping up when I want to reach the scroll bar at the bottom of the maximized views…

Not any more with C8.
I can bring back Task Bar up when I need to, it’s not a problem for me.
With all of these, I can use the fullest screen size dedicated to Cubase without interruption from Task Bar. Loving it.

+1 . That task-bar interruption was annoying for sure.

Wait a minute… hold the fort! Good God, me too… I don’t know what I was thinking…

I don’t want this auto-hide taskbar issue fixed anymore. This is the whole reason I hated the the Windows auto-hide feature in the first place and have never kept it turned on. The annoying, unwanted popups.

So, please keep it the way it is, Steinberg? Is this really on the “bug list”?

Oh dear, what have I done? :confused: