Cubase 8 Pro was not ready for public release

What were these guys thinking? Releasing this with so many problems. You do know some people do this for a living and cannot afford to deal with all the problems that exist with this software. There are too many issues to even try to list them. Simple functions like render in place are worthless. Export audio mix down is another. Get it together or refund our money or something until it is ready for a public release. I do not like being used as a tester.

But here Cubase works like a dream. The only thing I am having problem with is that the collapsed instrument rack is not savable so it will open as “big” every time. Other than that it´s just a dream. I’ve been around since Cubase SE and except for 6 I have had them all. 8 is by far the best for me (so far). I used to be on a PC (tried a bunch of them) but to me MAC has proven less troublesome. Others have the opposite experience though.

And BTW pls write down your equipment in your profile so perhaps some members can spot any problem areas.

Glad it is working for you. I started out with Nuendo 3 many years ago, went to Nuendo 4 as well as the first version of Protools. They all had their bugs. I have had nothing but trouble with Cubase 6 Pro from the start. It will not open up on one machine after hours of fiddling with it. It works on my other system but still there are problems with everyday
tasks. I know there have been functional changes, and that maybe part of my problem, but some functions are just
not working right. I will update profile as soon as I can. Right now I need to get a recording system stable enough to get to work.

After much deliberation, I agree.

I think this is a message marketing / decision makers at Steinberg need to hear.

(Frankly, it still isn’t ready.)

I’m using it, not having significant issues (that I can’t work around) and am enjoying the performance boost of ASIO Guard 2.0. Even still, I think it could have used another 3 - 6 months in the oven.

I get why they can’t delay it though.

I just think they could have re-prioritized things and dropped a few of the new features to focus on stability, bugs and compatibility.

Every single time they release there are a few people who have issues and say that it was not debugged and that they are unpaid beta testers. Blah, Blah, Blah. It is the same every time. Meanwhile, there are tons of users who are having no significant issues. You just are not hearing from them because they are using Cubase and not the Steinberg Forum.

For me, it’s almost unusable, and for sure unreliable. Just now, I worked on something for two hours, using mediabay intensively and cubase crashed. Windows forced me to close it, and after running cubase again, auto-save didn’t help at all, I tried to use .bak files but everyone was from last save. I’m going back to 7.5 for some serous stuff because this one is only for trying new features :slight_smile:

beta? thats being far too optimistic. this is barely alpha at best. live and learn i guess.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why they called this version “Pro”

Their software writers likely knew it wasn’t anywhere near ready for release but faced pressures to have it available for Xmas 2014 ~ I’m using my powers of intuition here. :confused:

I agree with some of the frustrations here, but it just makes me want to join the beta program to help improve future releases (actually contacted my Yamaha guy on this already). If anything, I wish Steinberg would carefully review their Beta Testing Program as a high priority.
FWIW - I have C8 and PT11 on the same machine. C8 is what I use by choice, PT11 when I have to. Honestly, every DAW forum is full of users lamenting their issues with the software. Take a look on the AVID forums if you want some perspective.

I wouldn’t be a power user, but Cubase 8 works fine for me.

I would normally agree with you on this time-honored point (as you say, each release), but I think this release is different due to the number of bugs affecting either everyone (windows management) or huge swaths of users (hardware controller issues), in addition to the regular issues that affect smaller numbers of users (but that are disproportionally vocal on the threads, as you point out).

Also, I think the point is not whether the issues are significant (some are, some aren’t), but whether they represent a professional software release.

It was an ambitious release that was, in my estimation, several months behind schedule. They had to make some unenviable decisions.

It had the fit-and-finish of not even quite a “pubic beta” grade release.

I’ll say this though: If it was presented as a public beta, I’d have tried it and will still be using it over 7.5, because the issues for me are either minor, or have workarounds.

But I think it’s fair for others to complain a bit on this one and not be conflated with the usual, “vocal minority.”

Aloha guys,

Why not just wait a lil while for the ‘free’ demo version
and see if that works for you?


FWIW, a clean system install on a formatted drive, followed by clean install of CP8.05 made 99% of the issues go away. Working rather well except for the buggered MCU driver & a little VCA weirdness. Same for niggles with other DAWs, auths, plugs & VIs. All tidied up and now behaves, took a couple of days, but well worth while. I usually need to to this every once in a while, while maintaining a clean test system on another drive before doing so.

FWIW, Render in Place and Track Bounce work perfectly @ 44.1k/32 and 96k/32. ASIO Guard 2 performs as advertised. I might add, that some of this was indeed problematic before a clean install and so I suggest that many of the problems described by users mix up the CP8 issues with that of local System /competing app /plug problems. Everyone’s box is different & so the only way to try to level that playing field is to instal on a clean test system, and certainly before any purchase. Computing 101.

Mac OS X 10.10.1, Mac Pro 5.1 32GB. UA Apollo, UAD PCIes. 2 X VDUs
NI Komplete Ultimate 10. Pro Tools 11, Ableton Live Suite 9.1, DP8, Logic Pro X, FCPX, etc

I concur.

Whilst I’m loving a lot of new features, the fact it crashes every time I try and bounce anything made in the previous version is beyond annoying. I’d had no issues with previous updates, and only installed as was supposed to be having a bit of a break over xmas, but I’m in the middle of finishing demos for an album, and was really excited about finishing it with some of the new tricks in Cubase 8, but it’s become apparent that’s highly unlikely.

I may have to try the fresh install idea, but considering my machine has only ever had Cubase, Ableton, Soundforge and Audiomulch installed on it, with no internet connection, it’s one of the most basic setups I’ve seen, without years of messed up registry to complicate matters, I’m not convinced that would help as much.

I’ve established that big projects run better if I load a small cubase file first. The makers of my PC have also suggested that a lot of issues are in the graphics card, (Steinberg have really stitched people up by making something far more suited to an unreleased OS), and recommended upgrading the graphics cards to something like the new AMD Radeon R7 (min 260 version), but I’ve seen people with similar cards complaining that they could only gain a stable system by removing these cards and just using basic graphics from the motherboard.

Would definitely be interested in peoples thoughts on this. I want to love this software so much, but when your management and label are telling you to go back to the older version cause you’re pissed off 24/7 and haven’t submitted any music for a month, there’s definitely something up!

What I find difficult to get my head around is the number of “professionals” who are complaining about Cubase 8. Many exclaiming indignantly that it’s bad for business. I understand their disappointment, but what an earth is any professional worth their salt upgrading for use in their studio at this point in the cycle. You have to stay with what works. However if those users are just in the process of testing 8 and have no intention of using it with clients fine.

Much as I have sympathy for the problems that users have had (and I seem to have had a few myself),it was our own decision to upgrade. There was no gun to our heads. We have a duty to our own sanity to be wary of new software. We certainly cannot afford to be a hostage to fortune by being totally reliant upon it from day one.

Actually my main complaint at the moment is the lack of dialogue between Steinberg and their user base. I am not for one moment suggesting that they get involved in the forum debates. A locked statement at the top of this forum would be helpful - an acknowledgement of the main issues and a time-scale to deal with these issues - perhaps a general idea of their vision for this software.

please go back to c7 like I have. we need new phaeleh.

Cubase Pro 8 is working very well on my system - as was 4/5/6/7 … sheesh EVERY time there’s a new Cubase there’s always posts about how terrible it is, sometimes the cynical side of me thinks other DAW companies set about a slur campaign - even though I’m sure that isn’t true - at least I hope not!

The better Cubase get’s (and let’s be honest Cubase Pro 8 - has THE most amazing feature set - makes Logic X look like a toy) then the louder the voices of DOOM get!!

Sure there are issues, there always are with ALL DAW’s (all software) but they are documented and have suggested workarounds.

They get fixed - life goes on.

And “anyone who does it for a living” as I do - never changes software versions during a project, that would be unprofessional regardless of the make of the software.

As I Keep Saying CUBASE 8 and 8.05 is JUNK to me…
Been using Cubase for 10 years and I’m looking for an alternative…

Any Suggestions?

Pro Tools HDX … it’s almost as good as Cubase … almost :slight_smile:

Try 8.5 :laughing: