Cubase 8 - what is your impression ?


Anybody here running Cubase 8 without issues yet ?

Hi mbr,

I’m running Cubase 8 without issue since around August :slight_smile: but, hey! I’m also really looking forward to learning about other users’ experiences so far.

All the best!

Running Cubase Pro 8 on Yosemite, no issues.

Can it run large projects more sufficient ?


please define large projects…


More than 50 stereo tracks in 88.2 or 96 kHz @ 32 bit float

Performance wise I would say it´s on par with cubase 7.5

Running Cubase Pro 8 on Yosemite, 10.10.01 abd no issues. Running great… and fast!

Luis are you running it with a Nectar Panorama? Is there integration yet?

Is there multitrack freewarp and triplet grid in audio editor?

Nice with the new color modes, was getting tired of that Darth Vader look!

I am wondering this as well. I wrote the Nektar guys this morning asking the same question as well as the timeframe of an update.

Got to say I’m impressed with the look and feel of this version .every thing working as it should . feels a bit more (pro)
found a few little issues with the gui . but nothing bad
well done steinberg … oh no crashes yet and it does feel a little faster loading sounds

The under the hood improvements sound really great, will have to test performance and stability more.

Very, very glad to see Steinberg putting effort into professional features.

However while I appreciate the Windows UI improvements in principle, the execution is still very rough. Menus cannot be opened by clicking on the mouse at the top of the window, it’ll just start to drag the underlying window instead. You have to aim slightly lower, which is not where the mouse cursor lands naturally. You tend to shove it into the desktop border like on OS X when the menus are on the top. The menus should really work from there, not a pixel or two lower. Also there are weird vertical borders on maximized windows some of the time, which must be a rendering bug.

I’m sure that kind of stuff gets solved very quickly in updates though.

Something that I will just have to get used to (as I don’t think this will change) is that the overall hack to make it work on Windows like on OS X seems really awkward. The menu bar looks hideous on Windows 7 at least, and feels very out of place. Feels like kind of the inverse of the Sibelius 7 ribbon situation on OS X. Really not a fan of trying to make cross platform UIs identical. They should be platform specific in the fundamental UI elements to maintain a native feel. You’re filling the window with custom widgets anyway to make it the exact same app, so instead of a kludge to copy the OS X menu bar, a regular multi-window design would be nicer. If you don’t want the application to close when closing the last window, have some launcher window as the basic component. Then you get the same effect but without having this clash between basic Windows UI guidelines.

But UI aside, big thumbs up.

Can i run cubase 8 on OS X ML 10.8.4 ?

I ran it on 10.8.5, but I’m not sure that it’s officially supported.

I find Render in place to be very slow. Slower than the audio mixdown dialog option, or freezing the track.

it’s all the computing power required to drag the rendered audio track right below the original part as opposed to letting it sink with the forces of gravity to the bottom of the arrange, like with the standard export audio. common sense. and german engineering.

LOL :laughing:

Well gravity is very strong on Earth! :stuck_out_tongue: