Cubase 9.0.30 Update Feedback

Share your thoughts. Expectations and reality.

Not every single one of our wishes will be included so keep the expectations realistic alright? c:

I was hoping they will fix Virtual Keyboard, but I didn’t see that in the changes log. Maybe my expectations are too high, how do you think? :unamused:

Well, it’s good that you read the change log.

I’m glad that the “can’t click a button while mouse is moving” thing is fixed according to it. Still downloading.

So far so good. Installed without issue and has been stable so far after a few hours. Looks like a solid update.

Update went smoothly here. I remember seeing something about the new video engine being capable of exporting an actual video. Was that just a Nuendo thing? I tried looking at the manual but it hasn’t been updated yet. I didn’t see anything in the export window either. Only tinkered with it for a minute so far.

Update went fine. My first drag and drop of an MP4 video gave an error message. I went into the Device set up and pressed ‘reset’ on the video set up and this seemed to resolve the issue.

Update was flawless.

I had severe graphics sluggish issues that had made C9 practically impossible to use.
According to the PDF some graphics performance issues have been addressed - and it was real!
I found C9.0.30 clearly improved in the graphics perf.
Nice job, folks!

I can still see some tiny but noticeable graphics glitches while playing back a busy song; but those glitches are not severe, I can live with those.

Meanwhile, it seems C9 is little more heavy on CPU and my current 8.5 projects peak the perf meters. I’ll have to wait until I’m done with those projects… hopefully won’t take too long.

Well, for me the video doesn’t work.

I can import video. The video player updates when moving the cursor in stop mode. But when I hit play it gets stuck and displays the same frame.

Are there any settings I’m missing?

Generally speaking looks safe enough to give it a go. Having some export MusicXML crashes in 9.0.20 - looks like they gave MusicXML the tender lovin’ care it needed in this update. I’ll report on that in a bit.

The video rendering was only mentioned as a future update iirc.

For me this Cubase update is back to solid… the performance is awesome in comparison to 9.0.20! (at least for me) Thanks Steinberg!

For me I could ‘import’ a mp4 / H.264 vid fine but no data on accompanying wav file (I do have ‘extract audio’ with video ticked.) ‘Reset’ in ‘devices’ doesn’t do anything. On W7. Am I missing something?

Cool. What system are you on, Mac or Win…?

Looks like MusicXML STILL crashes in 9.0.30 (exports just fine in 8.5.x) This issue and video import not bringing in the wav files - looks like it is back to 8.5.

I could ‘work-around’ the MusicXML crashes (export with 8.5 open - I only need this when I want to send file to Dorico for live recordings).

if I can get the import vid AND wave file working I’d probably ‘work’ in C9.

Cubase 9.0.30 It’s always useless graphic performance in macos sierra 10.12.6 MacPro 5.1 / 12 core / 64gb ram / ASUS GTX1080 Founders Edition Graphics Card… Why Why Why? :frowning:

I have install problems, the update can´t install because “Cubase 9 is not installed”.
eLicenser Control Center is updated. I have 9.0.20 installed (works fine). I have Windows 7 (64bit).

Best regards // kekle

Update went fine but the CPU load for plain video playback seems to be way too high. A 1080p 25fps video taking about 3-4% CPU power in VLC player uses 35-40% CPU in Cubase.

I can’t import .mov file into project on this version.
System: Windows 8.1

Still major bugs with instrument track presets

  1. Open Halion Sonic SE or any other vst plugin in a empty project
  2. Open MediaBay and chose a instrument track-preset
  3. Close and open MediaBay and Halion Sonic SE will receive midi-messages and reset the modulation-wheel