Cubase 9.0.40 maintenance update

Today we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Cubase maintenance update, version 9.0.40, for the entire product family. The update provides fixes and improvements throughout several areas of the application.

Download Cubase Pro 9.0.40 maintenance update

Download Cubase Artist 9.0.40 maintenance update

Download Cubase Elements 9.0.40 maintenance update

Download Cubase AI 9.0.40 maintenance update

Download Cubase LE 9.0.40 maintenance update

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Thanks Mathias! I was just about to ask if a 9.0xx would still come (like previous years) et voila! I am assuming this is the last update to the 9.0 line. Installing now!
Have a great weekend (almost)

Updates are always welcome but still no enhanced Eucon integration to avid artist mix and control.

Come on guys. Please do,something here, at least have the mix console mirror it’s state onto the artist/control so all the hidden channels disappear and leave just the visible mic console channels displayed, it’s such a hassle banking back and fore through pages to locate channels which could anywhere on a large template.

There’s been no real advances on Eucontrol integration for a long time and it’s really really disappointing to customers who use them all day and everyday.

Can Mathias comment on this lack of foresight and interest from SB to the many people who use them please?

Maybe this time a response will be forthcoming…

AFAIK last X.0 releases when X.5 is out, are always bugfixes

Yes, the last update for each Cubase version (x.x.40, sometimes x.x.50) usually only includes bug fixes back-ported from the current version, in this case Cubase 9.5. This is done more or less as a favor for those who haven’t had the chance to upgrade yet. Don’t expect new features.

Not sure what you mean? The artist surfaces do follow the mixer.
The track classes are determined by what track classes you enable in the EUCON PANEL in Cubase.
both are overridden by locked channels in EUcontrol.
Above 2 choices determine what you see on the artist surface.

He means… When you hide a track in Cubase, it should also be hidden on the control surface. I agree 1,000%. I’ve seen a Steinberg employee say that they had this functionality working a couple of years ago but it has never materialised. There has been no Eucon development for years at Steinberg and it’s quite frustrating.


This is not a Cubase 9.5 update…

Ah, thanks…

Yes, your right @J-S-Q, the post was a bit confusing so just rectified some typos and mistakes!

Interested to hear how people are getting on with 9.0.40. I’m really waiting for a fix on CAN-13042 (which I guess will not happen in 9.0.x as this is the final update but in 9.5.x) but will shortly be migrating to a new computer so checking if this is a stable update for people.

Wow, no-one? I guess literally everyone else has already jumped to 9.5…

Any feedback? Is the 9.0.40 update safe to install? Any problems for the people that did install it?

Many thanks

No problems here (and none with .30 either before that)


Hi !
Since updating to 9.0.40 now everytime i reopen a session with video it’s as to recalculate the thumbnail cache again!
it’s like when you close the session it does not save Vcahe


Look at this:
There are no answers from support on this questions.
Guys! New update don’t fix this problem!!! What’s going on? I cant use cubase for mixing!! Steinberg, why are you not fixing it??

It’s being “fixed” in Cubase 9.5. Each free update for it is allowing you to load more and more plugins, and Cubase 9.5.20 can load more plugins than Cubase 9.

Steinberg can’t “fix” this because this is a Windows issue, by making these changes they can only allow you to load more plugins.

9.5 is not free actually.
Looks like you’re trying to sale me new 100$ update.
What does it means? more plugins. How much more? 5…10… 50…100?
Why steinberg can not cooperate with microsoft to solve this problem totally?
Why It’s being “fixed” in Cubase 9.0 ?