Cubase 9.5.21 maintenance update available

Today we are happy to release the maintenance update, version 9.5.21, for the Cubase product line. This update provides issue resolutions and improvements to several areas of the application. All details can be found in the version history.

The installers for Cubase 9.5 are available via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you! That track import bug had me puzzled last week! :smiley:

Import tracks from Project now includes all the data . Thanks

Hello Matthias,

well, thank you for handling this maintenance update as promised!

However, I would like to see a symbolic reparation for the costs of delays that might have concerned those who rely on the ‘import function’.

I can only speak for myself here regarding feature suggestions within the scope of the ‘import function’. But isn’t it imaginable that those who work with large templates could benefit for example from an expanded filter, e.g. by clicking an option on the right-hand side in the opened import window that allows to filter out those tracks that carry no data at all.

Others, of course, might come up with other ideas, and I would like to see people who were concerned with this flaw of yours, making their suggestions.

As mentioned by maincat in this thread…

After updating to 9.5.21, CB and projects are definitely loading faster for me. Nice :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks, Steinberg. I’m usually more critical of you guys in recent years, but I appreciate that you followed through on this and released this update. Please keep doing this kind of thing – stability and bugfixes are the most important for working pros who rely on your software. Means a lot to many of us when you set aside more resources like this to fix things! It matters! Please spend some more time on Direct Offline Processing next! :slight_smile:

Thank you Steinberg… +1 for DOP fixes…

The importing problem seems to be working again. Thank you!!!

Thanks for the update!

Just to note as per my thread in the bugs category. The pans are still slow to react on first contact by the mouse. Introduced in 9.5.20

Fantastic = thank you . The truncated insert issue is now gone! :slight_smile:

Installed the Update and everything is Fine!

Works like a charm. 9.5xx is the best/most stable CS version so far.
Good job Steinberg! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Steinberg.
Even though bug that affecting me is not fixed this time, this update shows that you guys listen to people us here on the forum.


Indeed it does, but I am eternally confounded why it can’t import a tempo track. Data on the tracks is essentially useless because it just gets superimposed on the tempo track that’s in the destination project. Unless you only ever work at one tempo, which is never the case when you’re scoring film or television series. I just don’t get it.

To add insult to confusion, there is a separate “Import Tempo Track” function, but it won’t import tempo tracks directly from Cubase project files. You have to first Export Tempo Track from that project before it can be imported?

Am I missing something in all this? I though these features were supposed to save us time, not create more work and confusion.

Is it possible to install this update without the 8.5.20? I couldn´t install that at all. Thank you.

After de 9.5.21 update I seem not to be able to solo an editor window. Button on the top left is missing now.
Greetings Patrick

Yes. Try it, it should be OK.
But what was the issue with the 9.5.20 update? Do you have any error messages/codes to share with us? What have you tried to get it to install?

Hi Steve,

I`m the one that you were trying to help in the 9.5.20 thread

Unfortunately I´ll just be able to try it this Monday, that`s why I was asking :neutral_face:

Thats strange… its working as it should here…

Please see attached image… the top left corner has the solo button enabled.

Hello Beanstalk40,

Well, mine is gone. And I can not find a setting to get it back. Anyone?