Cubase 9.5.21 maintenance update available

Wow solved it… For some reason the most left buttons are called Default Items. So by pressing the cog and selecting Default Items the buttons returned.

Lets make a statement and say with all those with some probs…C9.5.21 is the best stable non crashing C build yet.
It works like a charm and for some postings with errors and crahsing or other things… You might think C9.5 or so is badly written…
It is not! It works and so thx for a good job STB!

Still some persistent GUI lag on Mac and audio dropouts when opening windows etc.

Same here!

Surprisingly, with 9.5.21 I no longer get a crash when using command+Q on mac. Thanks!

Same here, the GUI lag that is.

Major CPU performance drop with 9.5.21 on my system
I had to rollback to .20 unfortunately

Hi George,
Could you please give us some more details? How and in which situations do you experience a performance drop?

To all: Can anyone else confirm this change in 9.5.21?

Unconfirmed here. All seems fine.

Cpu usage unchanged here…

Hey Matthias,

Thanks very much for your reply and interest.
I’m on win7 btw details of my system on sig

2 almost finished projects both ok on 9.5.20 with ASIO meter around 80% only a couple of dropouts on 1-2 very busy parts
both projects gave many dropouts on 9.5.21 with ASIO meter hitting red many times, same settings of course
After rolling back to 9.5.20 my system performs as before the latest update. Rollback made by uninstalling 9.5 and reinstalling with updates up to .20

Please note that I use the known workaround to increase FLS slots by removing unused dlls from Cubase9.5/Components folder (ie euconadapter, hubservice, omffilter, all video dlls and vstconnect)


Been trying to install both 9.5.20 and .21. Does not work, the installer breaks at the end…


Please tell us which OS you use. That and other information about your equipment could be put in to your signature.

If you are using Windows, take a look at this post It worked for me whan I couldn’t install an update.

Cubase 9.5.21 is unfortunally by far the most unstable release I have ever used. Frequent crash (ie cubase just disappear) while editing vari audio, using/editing VST instruments, and the latest crash - on loading the audio files on a project made by 9.5.21. For the first time ever, I have audio dropouts on recording, plus frequent glitches while playbacking.

The Cubase 9 series have unfortunally been a mixed bag for me, I usually never experienced these kind of problems before, and I used cubase since version 1 on atari.

To my knowledge all third party plugins (that I use) are updated to latest version.

On my system .21 gave me more bugs than I had on .10. Hoping for a new bugfixing update soon.

These are almost definitely system specific issues and you should contact support. There would be a lot of people complaining in this thread if these were widespread issues.

I know, I just «ventilated» my own frustrations at this point using 9.5.21 since these bugs are new to me. I dont have many other bugs in general.

The variaudio issue has been around since the beginning in C5, on my system I remember cubase crashed a lot while using variaudio, its been better since after updates and upgrades, but now its worse again.

I dont know what I can do about it on my part.

I’m beginning to thing this is the most problematic update yet for me. I have had multiple crashes in a project that I heretofore had none. Crashes opening GUI’s or closing of plugins that have been stable. Multiple GUIs of the same plugin do it too. some channels have been losing sound for no apparent reason and Cubase has to be shut down and reopened to get the sound back. Just about to uninstall 21.

Edit: Well it wasn’t that as it is still doing unspeakable things in twenty. Something must be going wrong elsewhere! Grrr I will try reverting to a previous version of the project. That has not changed things either. I can’t understand what has happened to this project, as it has become unstable. I have frozen all my vsti’s. I will be looking into the efx I have been using later. My other projects do not suffer from this.

Glad I visited here and found out about Cubase 9.5.

I see no notice of it’s arrival in my Steinberg Hub.

Has anyone installed 9.5.21 and found that more plugins are blacklisted? No problem with 9.5.10, but with the latest CB update I had several blacklist issues, most notably the current version of NI Reaktor 6. Also Izotope Ozone 7. All 64 bit plugins. If you didn’t have issues with those plugins and you’re on a mac, what OS are you running? Curious if that has any impact on the issue.

Cubase pro 9.5.10
iMac 10.11.6
UA Apollo 8

Nope. I have the whole iZotope 7 suite and Komplete, all current versions. Nothing is blacklisted.

To follow up my own post regarding audio dropouts in .21, I found after some testing that deactivating the internal 64 bit prosessing will reduce the dropouts a lot. It still happen sometimes in 32b but I can live with it for now and hope for a fix.

I still have the CAN-12852 issue after the latest update.