Cubase 9.5 Features in Nuendo 8 - When?

Cubase 9.5 looks like a great update. Bezier curves (!!), more plugin slots, metronome options, lots of workflow enhancements, etc.

When can we expect them in Nuendo?

A moderator on this thread also said that 9.5 is built on a new “graphics sub-system” that should make it snappier. If this is true then there will be a lot of Nuendo users wanting this update ASAP.


I expect to see the graphics fix VERY soon. I actually can not understand why they released N8.1 without it. Also, I think this Cubase/Nuendo feature competition should end. Nuendo should be everything a Cubase release is + post features.

I can’t imagine waiting 6 months to a year to get these features, then only to have new ones appear a few months after that. It makes no sense.

Actually the leap-frogging does make sense in a couple of ways:

  1. There are two types of features; the ones specific to Nuendo, and the ones shared by both. In order to get all features obviously the new features that are shared by both have to be coded. Also, the ones specific to Nuendo. So, the question becomes why would you want to code everything and release everything at once when you could code the new features both share first, and release Cubase first, and then “add” the Nuendo-specific ones and release Nuendo…?

  2. By releasing Cubase first with those features, those features can be ‘tried in the wild’ and bug reports can yield fixes meaning we should get more stable upgrades on Nuendo.


  • 1 - Of course Steinberg could release Cubase and Nuendo almost at the same time with the new features the both share, and then release Nuendo (‘again’) with Nuendo-specific features… but they don’t do that… and we also have to wonder how their development works and what the options really are… Steinberg could also simply delay the Cubase release because we’re paying a fair amount more and ‘deserve’ our update first. But of course Cubase users would go nuts.

  • 2 - Doesn’t seem to work. Big issues slip through the cracks anyway, or are part of a known cost-benefit analysis.

Users have said for years to fix bugs and release new features later, and here we are again asking for new features after a pretty darn buggy v8 release (that you paid for). Will “we” ever learn???

The leapfrogging makes no sense. You are also effectively developing two feature sets for what should be common features across both programs (e.g. VCAs). Do what seems to work well for everyone else and release the one main program with different feature sets being unlocked depending on the license.

Yeah exactly, and we JUST got the Cubase features a few months ago… Now we need to wait what, another 8 months? It feels like punishment while we are paying way more than Cubase users.

Also, I’ve said this before, but at this point, Nuendo should just be “Cubase Post”; all of the features of Cubase Pro plus the extra post features. Same development and release cycle. I know some people would be upset at the perceived devaluation of the name or whatever, but it is the same program already.

The Offline Processing was released first in Nuendo, and the 9.5 update is release by more than 3 weeks before it supposed to be in december. It looks like that maybe something is changing, but that’s maybe means nothing.

Sure that waiting 6 months or more is a lot, let’s hope that Steinberg will be able to reduce the delay schedule between the 2 product. Some very good feature in that 9.5 it looks like a nice update, can’t wait :mrgreen:

Me too… Some official word would be great if you’re reading this Steiny.


I don’t understand why SB has separate code bases for Cubase and Nuendo. Both programs are available on Win and Mac. Both have mostly similar UI and layout, yet Nuendo seemlingly has different implementations for some features. I think VCA was such a story. Cubase had different VCA code and was not bitten by the long-standing VCA bug. Why would Cubase need a separate VCA implementation? I think window layout is or was separate until N8, too. Maybe that was useful at some point, but now that these programs are more and more alike in most parts and NEK is no longer, to me it only makes sense merging as much code as possible so it only has to be developed once and more resources could work on useful stuff instead of duplicating work of the other team.

Yes, Nuendo should be everything Cubase Pro + Post Features. Then we could also stop these discussions :wink:

Completely agree, I would even go further and have ONE PRODUCT ONLY, one Regular and one “HD”. Same files, same interface, same key command … is it too radical?


Yup! “Cubase Pro” for music, as it is now, and “Cubase Post” for what Nuendo is now (all of Cubase Pro plus the post features), but all on the same cycle.

“Completely agree, I would even go further and have ONE PRODUCT ONLY, one Regular and one “HD”. Same files, same interface, same key command … is it too radical?”


No it’s not too radical!
These UI/Graphic differences even moved me to cubase. Strange enough in cubase are much more options for altering the appearence of events/waveforms.
More than that - While moving events in nuendo on pc you see the event on the old position and semi-transparent event on the new position at the same time. While moving the event the waveform outline dissapears. So it is impossible for me to see the peaks. You can not turn it off.
That makes music editing in nuendo unbearable for me.
Steinberg - why all these differences? It’s time to consolidate
Add the post features to the cubase ( you already started with offline processing) - implement the UI differences such as red outline for selected event as an option.

Steinberg let us know!

The only thing I’m missing in Cubase 9.5 that Nuendo 8.1 has is the auto align function. I do mostly music and can use Cubase 98% of the time now. I too wish that a nuendo license could open cubase with all this leapfrogging going on.

The main thing that I would miss is “Edit Mode”, where the handles and fades make the video move with them… I’m correct that Cubase doesn’t have that right? I’m sure I could get use to not having this but I resent Steinberg for making me have to make that decision (and it seems insane to need to stay in Nuendo just for that feature).

At the very least a Nuendo dongle should be able to open up Cubase. If they’re not going to update both programs at the same time then it seems like the least they could do.


That is correct. But there’s a Feature Request to have Edit Mode included in Cubase too, you could chime in for that here:

K… Will do. Even though I don’t own it (yet), haha.

PS: Even better yet though, Steinberg, give me 9.5 features please! :wink: