Cubase 9.5 Feedback Survey

With every Cubase release we are receiving a lot of great feedback, features wishes, interesting ideas and suggestions for further improvements. You send us emails, post in the forums, talk to us at events, and comment on all of our social network channels on what you think about the new features and improvements. We not only appreciate your enthusiasm and creativity, but we really need your feedback to improve Cubase in the best way possible. If this sounds like marketing talk to you, well it is, since market research and collecting customer feedback is my daily business. But I want to point out that we as the Cubase team including developers, QA engineers, UX designers, support and sales managers put our heart and soul into this and we really listen with care and respect to your opinion.

The Cubase 9.5 feedback survey is now online. Please follow the link and let us know what you think about the new features and the application in general. It will be much appreciated.

Feedback Survey

Thanks a lot and cheers from Hamburg,

Hi, I have been using Cubase since version 6 and I have notice that steinberg in my opinion has gone away from creating new instruments or updating the old ones in the newer versions of the software. Yes, the sampler track is an amazing new addition but I would love the ability to sample a song and chop up in slices and have each slice mapped across the keyboard. Furthermore, i would love the ability to have it be able to warp and fit any tempo with out having to change the pitch or quality similar to what the mpc software does. I would love for you guys to update or upgrade loopmash putting new controls maybe a lp and hp filter. Maybe an addition of a analog filter would be nice as well that would allow us to fatten drum sounds or synth sounds. I just feel the new things added only satisfy the extremely technical audio engineers and not the music creators such as songwriters and etc.

First off all the C9.5 update worked fine and in running fine. Seems GUI is faster and the same latency and midi timing, what is ok. Like the new features. Specially i would like to see the new GUI and windowing system (left, mid, right) and (tabs) more and more worked out. Specially like some windows still open as a new window bothers me, like when opening a plugin. Could be dockable or windowed the same way. So my request would be like Halion 6 is really adjustable in that way, C9.5 or later should be more in windows that do not open as new, but dockable in left, mid or right. But hey, most feature and workflow in C9.5 is now good enough and most windows do not disappear behind each other or go even behind cubase. Like Groove Agent 4 is not resizeable (old 2015 plugin ehe), the new workflow of Halion 6 and C95 windows is really a great step forward. And for me to Mediabay is great to find presets. Mostly i save VSTpresets in my songs folder track because of backup of the project in the same folder (i save samples and presets of everything in the project folder), so the filemanager or just opening file on HD with a filebrowser (like now on the right side in mediabay) is really helping me. Thx, ! Anyway installing was no problem and running C9.5 was yesterday for a few hours without any hitch. Good job.

One of the major issues for me with every new update for Cubase is that you never think about how important it is to let us import our settings from previous versions. This is something I will never understand… Every browser or software has this simple feature, only Cubase doesn´t.

Add to your survey the following question:
“Do you need to import your settings and daily workflow presets like shortcuts, makros etc. to the new version of Cubase?”

I bet you won´t find a single participant to check “no”

Well, I encountered three issues since yesterday.
Configuration files of the 9.03 weren’t transferred. I did it manually and C9.5 won’t start. So I did a reset and copied only userpreferences, keycommands and port setup.xml. Those have been accepted.

VSTs bridged with jbridge seem to work functionally, but have no GUI anymore, any.

And I had the the issue with the missing FLUX presets too.

Oh, by the way: I really would like saving folder tracks as presets as you can do it with another tracks.
And I would love dealing with multiple outputs of plugins and flexible routings inside the insert rack.

Actually I love the style of the comps and magneto, have a lot of use for the new right zone. Even tiny cosmetics like new studio menu are rather helpful. All in all it looks and feels smoother and more tidy.

Good job!

Thanks guys, but please don’t post your feature requests and ideas in this thread. There is a dedicated forum section for feature request and the survey for direct feedback on Cubase 9.5.

I was very sceptic about v9, but it turned out a very usable (feature wise) and stable version. Finding long term wishes honored (bezier, more inserts) and the zone 2.0 decided me to jump in right away! Have to check out offline rendering and the new audio engine. Hope it all works as expected. Time will tell how it all behaves. Also have to check if VCA fader bug is still there.

Again, Steinberg you did a great job filtering out great feature request from your loyal users IMHO.


Can’t wait for some more technical insight info about the new audio engine.

Survey completed…
Great work on 9.5. Especially the new automation features available in the pro version.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Took the survey.

Matthias I want to comment on the recent change to the ‘Help’. This is apparently a company-wide shift as it’s now in Wavelab.

  1. Both the last WL release and this Cubase release throw a 404. Please don’t release a new build until the help link is active.
  2. You’ve removed a link to the PDF from the Help menu. Please restore that!
  3. No “What’s New” or “Issues” PDF? I think a LOT of us depended on that. Why was it not part of the package?

I want PRINT OUTS of changes, fixes. I do NOT want to sit through an hour of Youtube for info I used to be able to read through in 10 minutes.


Well for the update to C9.5 after 2 nights of working on a project, great update and all is working fine. Came this summerfrom C6 to C9 and that was worth it. Now with this update a few tools that i needed where, finding files inside cubase on the harddrive. And that is solved more and more. Though i like medaibay i store all presets under the project folder also, as wel as samples etc. So the project folder is for me more important then the mediabay. The main point is, i worked on a project for 2 nights with C9.5 and i did not find any flaw that blocked me into doing what i wanted to do. That is Ok and quite Good as well! The project improved greatly, i learned a lot and C9.5 did it without lagging or crashing, even midi timing was ok. So as far for now, alltough i do not like inbetween updates, C9 or now C9.5 is well worth for me. Comming from C6 last summer C9.5 is about 5x more easy. Specially the windows workflow improved a lot. As well as Groove Agent 4 and Halion 6 work damm good also. Keep up the good work… STB!

Me too. Hard copy is needed. Cheers

Need to automatically import settings from previous versions.

Hello, I’ve just upgraded to Cubase Elements 9.5 and need help with a problem. There is no images on the recorded tracks. The sound is recorded but shows only a straight line. In the image attaches you can see a track called LP-04 that was recorded in Cbase 9.5 but the rest of the song was recorded with cubase 9. You can see that the system shows just a straight line.

Hope you can help me.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-16 a la(s) 21.48.10.png

One of the best versions yet. Thank you so much for 16 inserts and greatly improved automation! Looks way better than 8.5 too.

Hi JC,

Unfortunately there seems to be a redirection error in the text strings. We will fix this as soon as possible. In the meantime please go to orCubase Pro Manual

There you will find the documentation as an online resource as well as a PDF. We have decided not to deliver the PDF within the installer to have more flexibility when updating the resource. A PDF is static can only be update in the installer with maintenance updates. An online resource is dynamic and can be improved, edited and updated at any time.

This is the official “reasons to update” list, but I guess you are asking for a more detailed technically written description of the new features and improvements, correct?

• 64-bit floating-point mixing engine performs each task with the utmost level of detail, dynamics and transparency

• Enhanced zone concept with the File Browser, the Metering Section and the Control Room in one place

• Ultra-precise automation curves for creating and editing smooth transitions and musical build-ups

• 16 insert slots for VST effects on each track plus freely adjustable Pre/Post Fader separator

• Adapt to Zoom grid mode for automatically adjusting the grid when zooming in and out

• Improved Range Tool for editing automations faster, easier and more convenient

• Refined Metronome with Click Pattern Editor and assignable patterns for the Signature Track

• Superior workflow with event-based offline processing captures the feel of using real-time effects

• Production Presets set includes stunning FX chain presets and brand-new mastering track presets for different genres

• FLUX wavetable synthesizer for HALion Sonic SE combines top-notch sound quality with the latest HALion technology

• Sampler Track enhancements with A/B mode, undo/redo and instant MIDI import rendering

• Redesigned interfaces for the Vintage Compressor, the Tube Compressor and the Magneto 2 tape saturator

• Modern video engine supports the most relevant codecs and external video cards

• Deep integration for Console 1 by Softube (available soon)

Been testing today. Projects from 8.5 seems to be working perfectly on my system, so great work. One small thing: the green pre/post insert divider is actually quite hard to grab (at least on my system) and that feels a bit awkward. Other than that this is an amazing update.

  1. I’d like the channel name (at the bottom in the mixer) to extend to two lines like in C9 - or is this a “bug”?
  2. Why the change of the font in the insert menu (and a few other menus)?

These two are my only two small complaints… so far (mind you, I have only skimmed through a couple of excisting projects) :wink:

I have waited for the range/drag automation for a long time. For me it is almost worth the upgrade price alone. Add in the 16 insert and the file browser, and it turns out to be a great update for me… Now let’s get to work :slight_smile:

  1. Mixer undo/redo history works on and off. Sometimes changes are not registered at all and sometimes it’s perfect.
  2. Softube VST3s doesn’t save the bypass state when I load a new project. This was also a problem in 8.5.
  3. Some VST3s, for instance fabfilter pro q2 doesn’t allow quick link.

Great version, but I cross my fingers for these fixes soon.