Cubase 9.5 & macOS High Sierra

Hi, Just bought the C9.5, and from first impression, It’s absloutly amazing!
I’m currently running on macOS Sierra and wanted to know if the 9.5 supports High Sierra as well.

Thank you in advance, and thank you Steinberg for all of those welcome improvments (specially bezier curves and zoning 2.0).

(Gulp!) It’s a little concerning that no one has even bothered to answer this post! Steinberg’s last announcement on this topic was Sept. 14. Is this still a question? I am holding off from Mac upgrade… but also hearing that performance is improved after Mac Upgrade… Anyone know what’s going on?

Im running it on the latest High Sierra here and my old dusty Steinberg MR816X, no issues so far. I did do a clean install from a USB thumb drive though of High Sierra

Steinberg won’t have it as compatible to sometime next year Im thinking, lots of bugs to work on in current release right now

On that note, if you do not have High Sierra on your Mac, no rush then IMO, hang out to first update to 9.5 and High Sierra is qualified as well as YOUR interface

With the impending release of the iMac Pro, which will come with HS, would really like to see that Cubase 9/9.5 will be officially compatible sooner than later. Our 2013 Mac Pros are getting tired and are planning to possibly upgrade.

Don’t do it!

I’m running 9.5 on High Sierra and it’s buggy as hell. My problems:

  • crashes on load and need to reload the programme several times before it works
  • usually crashes when closing the programme (!)
  • intermittently see’s my audio interface in Studio Setup and the times that it does it never records audio

I have similar problem! When closing one project and opening another Cubase can not load the Halion plugin, need to do restart of Cubase. Halion standalone sometimes crashes…
It’s definitely not ready!!

i have been running cubase 9 for over a year on mac os el capitan, and it is like a rock, has never crashed ever.

i upgraded to hi siera and since then i have had at least 5 or 6 crashes of cubase 9.

sometimes on start, and sometimes while running program,

I’m wondering if hi siera is the problem?

it does run. and work can be done. but it is crashing now and again.


banjo. i agree with your statement. no word from anyone seems a bit weird. what with all the hype of the 9.5 release.

i just want to know if 9.0 is ok for Hi Siera. and lets not even think about going there with 9.5 until its sorted.


I’m having the Halion problem also with high Sierra and Cubase 9

Same problem here

Same problem here

mine crashes on 9.5 and Sierra too

Same problem for me too…halionsonic 3 Will not load and cubase close unexpected… :frowning: stand alone synts close unexpected…
Best reguards
Tobias Nilsson
imac i7 high sierra 24 gb ram
cubase artist 9.0 latest upgrade…
Absolute 3 collection…
halionsonic 3 latest upgrade…

No problem on High Sierra and Apollo 8 soundcard, except the insert slot GUI on the lower zone.

Any update on this? I see 9.5 is on sale and I’m considering buying it.

I’m running C9.5.x on two Macs, no issues.

No issues.

Hi… can anyone confirm if cubase 9,.5.3 works ok on High sierra versions of 10.13.4 and higher?

Unfortunately some daws experience massive cpu spikes at low buffers apparently… pro tools, reason… reason has been fixed, but avid say pro tools can’t be and apple have to fix it…

I am looking at a new imac pro, and if i can’t work under 256 buffer with high sierra 10.13.6 there is no point… the whole point of getting a beastly machine is to work at low buffers effectively… Avid claim it affects many DAWs and the last version that worked properly is 10.13.3

unfortunately there is no way to get any new mac now with anything other than high sierra 10.13.6

So anyone working on mac with high sierra 10.13.4 or higher, at 128 buffer or lower, with Vi’s etc on cubase, and having no weird cpu spikes, please let me know… If it works, I will simply ditch pro tools completely and move everything to cubase 100 percent.

Works fine here, aside from the usual and still bad Cubase Mac GUI issues. :slight_smile: Sometimes I get suddenly high CPU usage for inexplicable reasons, but that’s very rare and is an issue I’ve had on Mac since SIerra – not sure if it’s a Mac issue or another Cubase-on-Mac issue.

It works well for me - not complex projects, but absolutely no crashes, hangs, difficulties closing, slow graphics. My impression is that cpu use is not markedly different from my PC desktop. I can run UR824 at 32 sample buffer size and Apollo twin similarly.