Cubase 9.5 pro Yamaha S70 xs No Sound

Hello Everyone

I am new to Cubase however i seem to be having a problem with my S70xs the keyboard is listed insde Cubase to select as an instrument pointing at stereo out which goes to me M-Audio M track 2 audio interface. I am running the 1.6.8 yamaha editor for cubase 9.5 along with the usb driver.
The s70xs is connected to a windows 8.1 PC via usb. when i select the s70 as an instrument and create a midi track the unit records midi but no sound what am i doing wrong?

This previous topic might help.

Thanks for the reply the Yamaha S70 XS as i understand was purpose built to integrate with cubase as i can see all the new templates on the 70 XS I presumed that the voices are transmitted to the PC and used by cubase to midi record the sound without the need to plug an audio lead into the audio interface for monitoring the voices of the S70 as when i disconnect the s70 xs only silence is present and of course the midi track with no audio

The Yamaha S70 XS can’t transmit audio signals via USB, only MIDI, no matter which DAW you’re using.

To record its audio output, you’ll have to connect the stereo outputs to your USB audio interface. If you need an interface with a few more inputs (for example, if you’re also recording vocals or guitar along with your keyboard), Yamaha Steinberg’s own UR242 is a good one. The audio quality is very good.