Cubase 9.5 USB eLicenser Activation Issue.


I having a problem, buy the cubase pro 9.5, update from cubase pro 9. and when i was to enter the activation code in the usb elicenser, it shows me this message “At least one of the elicensers used during the process was disabled and cannot be used for any license transactions. Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue” (something about my usb elicenser is “disable”), which is the same one that says when I go to the recovery option. I have already updated the eLicenser control center and it is always the same. Meanwhile the status of my cubase pro 9 license says “transfer pending” and this does not allow me to open cubase. The “remove license” options are disabled. I have everything registered in “mysteinberg” and when I check the web, my usb elicenser shows normal and with the license of cubase pro 9. Nowhere does it say it is “disabled”. I have Windows 10,


If you bought the license from eBay or a similar site, you might have bought a license acquired through fraud. See these threads: